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Doh Nutter Vote score: 22453Doh Nutter

Harry looks wrought with gilt.

14/04/14 12:44:04

D C Vote score: 2691D C

Terry's all gold.

14/04/14 12:43:08

Tracy Davidson Vote score: 9777Tracy Davidson

The Queen wasn't sure what to make of the new official statue of Prince Philip.

14/04/14 15:21:00

Change portrait to statue and you'll get my vote. He his stood just like Prince Philip. --Neil Mackenzie
Zac Kramer Vote score: 10993Zac Kramer

The famous statue of fairy tale character 'Rumpledforeskin'

14/04/14 12:45:12

Tracy Davidson Vote score: 9777Tracy Davidson

"Er, on second thoughts, you can keep the Oscar."

14/04/14 12:01:04

'Let's give it to Leonardo DiCaprio.' --nepali_ninja
Tracy Davidson Vote score: 9777Tracy Davidson

Michelangelo's first attempt at David was a bit of a cock-up.

14/04/14 12:00:07

Doesn't look very erect to me. --John Glover
Mark England Vote score: 20515Mark England


14/04/14 12:55:00

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37066Tony Edwards

Bronze age man.

14/04/14 12:04:01

Bronze age man would get my vote. --John Glover
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