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Windscreen sniper.
Windscreen sniper. photo | portfolio
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Mr Blonde Vote score: 17060Mr Blonde

Windscreen sniper.

10/06/13 8:29:35

John Llamas Vote score: 19961John Llamas

The Copse had him surrounded.

10/06/13 8:44:41

Paul Reeve Vote score: 5340Paul Reeve

Postman Pat was just about to get fired.

10/06/13 8:04:31

Zac Kramer Vote score: 10993Zac Kramer

In range Rover

10/06/13 8:23:35

Lex Luthor Vote score: 489Lex Luthor


10/06/13 9:54:52

Smuldo Vote score: 11347Smuldo

♫ Pop goes the diesel...♫

10/06/13 13:42:15

Glyn Evans Vote score: 6223Glyn Evans

With the shot set up, the bushes rustled next to him parting open to reveal the bonnet of a second red car. "Clever Girl" the game warden uttered trying desperately to shoot, but it was too late.

10/06/13 10:01:37

Love that scene in Jurassic Park.  --Tracy Davidson
Chris Halliwell Vote score: 4860Chris Halliwell

The Hunt for Red Octavia.

10/06/13 8:12:22

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

The Special Branch had the traffickers under surveillance.

10/06/13 10:08:56

D C Vote score: 2689D C

Good Wheel Hunting

10/06/13 22:23:28

Lee Hauxwell Vote score: 2995Lee Hauxwell

The Honda Insights.

10/06/13 10:21:54

Lee Hauxwell Vote score: 2995Lee Hauxwell

Someones going to get a really close shave from a Remington.

10/06/13 10:21:31

If that's the case then I want my money back. --Mr Blonde
Tracy Davidson Vote score: 9777Tracy Davidson

Target Golf.

10/06/13 8:51:28

Ross  Davidson Vote score: 10Ross Davidson

Seat Leon.

10/06/13 8:27:50

Ian Skelding Vote score: 21521Ian Skelding

He had the Impala in his sights, he just hoped it wasn't going to be disturbed by a Jaguar or Cougar.

10/06/13 8:21:39

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 6333Hercules Rockefeller

Poor Norm would be K.I.A. in a Kia.

10/06/13 8:06:15

Mark England Vote score: 15988Mark England

There was no other option. The Suzuki Rhino had run amok and had to be shot with a tranquilizer dart.

10/06/13 10:09:34

Mark England Vote score: 15988Mark England

A Dogging Sight

10/06/13 9:43:38

Tony Edwards Vote score: 30930Tony Edwards

Fast & Furious 8, starring Van Diesel.

10/06/13 8:41:46

more like Slow & Curious :) --Dev Bansal
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