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Wet knee Houston.
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Cath Jones Vote score: 38815Cath Jones

Wet knee Houston.

31/03/13 7:02:14

Houston, wee have a problem. --Pete
Isla gray Vote score: 306Isla gray

Olivia Mutant John

31/03/13 11:42:17

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 10943Hercules Rockefeller

So, that's why they call her Scary Spice.

31/03/13 7:00:28

Tony Edwards Vote score: 36819Tony Edwards

Pointing Pussy at the porcelain.

31/03/13 7:16:46

Dan Dan Vote score: 5606Dan Dan

"Get out!...Urine the Men's."

31/03/13 7:00:12

John Llamas Vote score: 20528John Llamas


31/03/13 8:28:32

Gayna Dee Vote score: 2976Gayna Dee

Don't You Just Love A Woman That Can Hold Her Own??

31/03/13 7:15:24

Tracy Davidson Vote score: 9777Tracy Davidson

Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dicks-on reveals her own special talent.

31/03/13 12:04:50

Andy Herbert Vote score: 259Andy Herbert

Breadline Britain Benefit Special: No pot to piss in as I've spent it on a sex change

31/03/13 7:51:08

Tony Edwards Vote score: 36819Tony Edwards

"I'm her Number One fan."

31/03/13 7:12:45

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