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A resting Officer.
A resting Officer. photo | portfolio
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Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 6983Hercules Rockefeller

A resting Officer.

02/02/13 20:15:25

John Llamas Vote score: 20016John Llamas

A Spent Force

02/02/13 20:17:01

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 5966Tosser Wivlov

Snore detective

02/02/13 21:28:36

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

In the land of Plod.

02/02/13 21:28:38

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Cop out.

02/02/13 20:58:59

Ian Mclaren Vote score: 3524Ian Mclaren

Dead beat.

02/02/13 20:40:11

Shandonbelle Vote score: 2734Shandonbelle

Keystoned Cop.

02/02/13 20:05:23

F Mackay Vote score: 19119F Mackay

Lee Ping - policeman.

02/02/13 20:03:20

Shandonbelle Vote score: 2734Shandonbelle

The Thin Blue Lie In.

02/02/13 20:02:58

phil mcavity Vote score: 423phil mcavity

Officer Lee was enjoying his new job for British immigration control.

03/02/13 10:17:43

Zac Kramer Vote score: 10993Zac Kramer

Chair man Mao... he's done

02/02/13 22:40:29

John  Glover Vote score: 20842John Glover

Lee had calculated that by the time the ant had crawled up from his thumb onto the first brass button, the felon who was inside robbing the shop would be ready to leave. He also calculated that by the time the ant had reached the second brass button the felon would be rushing out of the door. He further realised that by sticking out his foot he could trip up and arrest the villian and if the thief should get away, oh well, there's always another day.

02/02/13 20:33:07

Glyn Evans Vote score: 6867Glyn Evans

Snore Enforcement.

02/02/13 20:10:25

John Llamas Vote score: 20016John Llamas

".....and as I walked out of the shop I was arrested for disturbing the peace"

02/02/13 20:10:12

Ian Searle Vote score: 2409Ian Searle

Officer Dribble

03/02/13 15:21:35

Tony Edwards Vote score: 32484Tony Edwards

Nod Job.

02/02/13 22:14:38

Stephen Graham Vote score: 1092Stephen Graham

Although the bank robbers got away with nearly two million, Officer Lee regarded his £50 blow job as money well spent.

02/02/13 20:06:26

Smuldo Vote score: 11711Smuldo

zzzzz cars.

02/02/13 20:03:25

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