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Feeling cannelloni?
Feeling cannelloni? photo | portfolio
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C CaMel Vote score: 8818C CaMel

Feeling cannelloni?

12/11/12 12:07:39

Dan Dan Vote score: 5606Dan Dan


12/11/12 12:00:09

C CaMel Vote score: 8818C CaMel

"Penne for your thoughts"

12/11/12 12:04:44

Chris D Vote score: 405Chris D

He was stranded at the gallery

12/11/12 13:14:32

Spud Gunn Vote score: 1595Spud Gunn

I told you to wank more often; don't wait ten years for the next one.

12/11/12 13:13:19

John Llamas Vote score: 20244John Llamas


12/11/12 15:13:49

Gordon Bannerman Vote score: 4691Gordon Bannerman

UnHappy Meal

12/11/12 12:04:06

Ian Mclaren Vote score: 3528Ian Mclaren

No one's going to fork out much for that.

12/11/12 12:03:45

Gordon Bannerman Vote score: 4691Gordon Bannerman

Spag Doll

12/11/12 12:03:07

Mark England Vote score: 19990Mark England

He was very sad because someone had stolen his meatballs

12/11/12 12:07:57

D C Vote score: 2691D C

The Thinker using his noodle.

12/11/12 14:03:59

Gayna Dee Vote score: 2973Gayna Dee

He is past-a sell by date

12/11/12 12:31:48

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Mr Blobby forgets to worm dose.

12/11/12 12:03:42

Steve Wright Vote score: 1855Steve Wright

Pasta la pizza baby

12/11/12 16:57:48

Jon Lloyd-jones Vote score: 509Jon Lloyd-jones

Mum was right - you are what you eat.

12/11/12 12:22:55

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

Damien Hirst's new work - Nude Elle.

12/11/12 12:09:52

Greg Curtis Vote score: 7851Greg Curtis

Another masterpiece by Al Dante.

12/11/12 12:01:38

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