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"What do you want? Im on the phone."
"What do you want? Im on the phone." photo | portfolio
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Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

"What do you want? I'm on the phone."

20/01/14 20:01:08

Dave Mackay Vote score: 900Dave Mackay

Surfing the net.

20/01/14 20:28:29

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 9926Hercules Rockefeller

"Yes, but does it have crawl waiting?"

20/01/14 20:02:07

Chris Halliwell Vote score: 5538Chris Halliwell

Looks like he's checking his balance to me.

20/01/14 21:25:00

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 6124Lucky Elperro

Ali Bla-bla

20/01/14 20:08:36

matt cunningham Vote score: 393matt cunningham

Screen dump.

20/01/14 20:30:22

C CaMel Vote score: 8803C CaMel

You've got Male

20/01/14 21:15:30

John Llamas Vote score: 20244John Llamas

Dave found it much easier to change his 'ring tone' when he crouched.

20/01/14 20:19:52

Shandonbelle Vote score: 2755Shandonbelle

Lee took the concept of Pay As You Go a bit too literally.

20/01/14 20:05:26

Gordon Bannerman Vote score: 4691Gordon Bannerman

It is a Big Phone, Bill

20/01/14 20:03:53

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