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Fleshwater fish.
Fleshwater fish. photo | portfolio
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Tony Edwards Vote score: 33174Tony Edwards

Fleshwater fish.

16/10/12 11:23:41

Lee Hauxwell Vote score: 2995Lee Hauxwell

Thai massage indeed! It's only going up to my knees

16/10/12 12:20:57

Mark England Vote score: 17605Mark England

The fish must of been hungry. She went in a size 6 and came out a size 4

16/10/12 11:07:41

Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

They keep bottom-feeders in a backroom tank for treating haemorrhoids.

16/10/12 14:08:57

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 5966Tosser Wivlov

Cornflakes again.

16/10/12 13:33:17

David Devine Vote score: 1725David Devine

I wonder if Heather Mills gets it half price?

16/10/12 11:08:05

Steve Davies Vote score: 2443Steve Davies

Release the Pyranhas they are refusing to pay.

16/10/12 13:36:32

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11372Neil Mackenzie

Around the corner the Fish Monger sold Corn fed fish.

16/10/12 11:50:49

Cameron Caris Vote score: 13Cameron Caris

Dave wanted to make sure that he had fattened the anchovies up first before he ordered his Pizza...

16/10/12 11:44:22

Jon Lloyd-jones Vote score: 509Jon Lloyd-jones

Mike was just pleased that they couldn't afford the full body massage.

16/10/12 16:46:15

phil mcavity Vote score: 423phil mcavity

'I'm going to have cream of sum yung guy.'

16/10/12 12:38:43

Smuldo Vote score: 11739Smuldo

Jane laughed as she realised that there's only two things in the world that smell of fish.....and one of them's fish!

16/10/12 12:18:12

Mark England Vote score: 17605Mark England

With the fish tickling his feet and this being Amsterdam, he couldn't help but wonder. "What would it feel like if I dipped my bollocks in?"

16/10/12 11:40:50

Pablo Cabello Vote score: 3393Pablo Cabello

"I'll have a margherita with extra bunions please."

16/10/12 11:14:57

Nina Dutton Vote score: 884Nina Dutton

Tickled pinkies

16/10/12 13:24:43

Baglan Gladiator Vote score: 1081Baglan Gladiator

Tourists are shown what really gives Thai wine a real kick.

16/10/12 12:13:19

Paul Woolley Vote score: 3354Paul Woolley

"If I pay 8 Euros what do I get?"

"Athletes Foot and some veruccas by the looks of it."

16/10/12 11:58:02

Rachael Ozimek Vote score: 530Rachael Ozimek

Mario only ever bought the organically fed anchovies for his pizzas

16/10/12 11:29:23

Ian Mclaren Vote score: 3524Ian Mclaren

In Amsterdam they usually pull the curtains over the window.

16/10/12 11:05:08

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