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Ron  Allan Vote score: 5548Ron Allan

The lads of the 737 await news on the lifting of the hosepipe ban.

08/06/12 11:45:06

Joe T Vote score: 3133Joe T

I spy with my little eye something beginning with F.

08/06/12 11:02:49

Ian Searle Vote score: 2409Ian Searle

An ambulance, a fire engine, several rescue workers... it's just an accident waiting to happen.

08/06/12 11:16:13

D C Vote score: 2691D C

House warming party.

08/06/12 11:50:13

Stephen Graham Vote score: 1127Stephen Graham

"Do you think those sausages need a minute or two more?"

08/06/12 12:43:29

Mr. Toad Vote score: 1738Mr. Toad

“Well lads, that takes care of our little squatter problem.”

08/06/12 12:23:04

Gordon Bannerman Vote score: 4691Gordon Bannerman

Don't just sit there, arson around

08/06/12 12:35:49

Joe T Vote score: 3133Joe T

Right lads. 2 more minutes before our shifts starts. please finish your cigarettes.

08/06/12 11:01:09

Linda D Vote score: 1080Linda D

Er, lads, I don't think this 'fight fire with fire' idea is working.

08/06/12 15:56:44

Guido van der Velden Vote score: 2368Guido van der Velden

Lord Sugar: "you're all fired!"

08/06/12 11:29:04

Paul Woolley Vote score: 3357Paul Woolley

"How do you know which one is Arthur Brown's house?"

08/06/12 12:02:58

D C Vote score: 2691D C

"No, I bought them last time. It was your turn to bring the marshmallows."

08/06/12 11:39:39

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37051Tony Edwards

Health and Safety committee assess whether the emergency services can start their work.

08/06/12 11:34:35

Mr. Toad Vote score: 1738Mr. Toad

Butterfingered bearer drops Olympic torch just outside Crewe.

08/06/12 11:30:40

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

Come home to a real fire- buy a house in Australia.

08/06/12 11:01:05

Sonya Vote score: 45Sonya

I love You Walter White smilie face

08/06/12 18:26:17

John  Glover Vote score: 22836John Glover

"Right boys the TV crew is on its way, blacken your faces and run around looking busy."

08/06/12 13:40:26

Kass Storm Vote score: 261Kass Storm

It was the third call this week about the Jones' sex being on fire.

08/06/12 11:37:47

William Kay Vote score: 1105William Kay

The rogue fireman acted with evil in tent.

08/06/12 11:27:47

Ian Searle Vote score: 2409Ian Searle

The street theater version of Towering Inferno was a huge success.

08/06/12 11:15:56

Niki Wardle Niki Wardle

the new houses were hot property

08/06/12 11:03:53

General Zod Vote score: 2286General Zod

Arsonists annual camp holiday ruined by 999 call

08/06/12 12:48:13

Gayna Dee Vote score: 2976Gayna Dee

Is it Thursday?? No, its Fireday

08/06/12 11:15:28

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37051Tony Edwards

Brew Watch.

08/06/12 11:13:27

Cath Jones Vote score: 38815Cath Jones

"Help, Can anyone hear me?, I'm a celebrity get me out of here!"

08/06/12 11:06:34

Shandonbelle Vote score: 2755Shandonbelle

Tom "These forest fires don't half dragon"

08/06/12 11:04:55

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