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But if you cant wait there is always the Turdis.
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Pete  Vote score: 18533Pete

But if you can't wait there is always the Turdis.

25/05/12 19:01:03

Gordon Bannerman Vote score: 4691Gordon Bannerman

W.C. Fields

25/05/12 20:15:48

Julie Vote score: 310Julie

The portaloo's ok but the restaurant's a bit cramped

25/05/12 19:15:12

Dave Devine Vote score: 1725Dave Devine

Skids for 18m

25/05/12 19:08:10

Paul Woolley Vote score: 3357Paul Woolley

Don't use the turd lane.

25/05/12 19:03:56

Rank Outscriber Vote score: 396Rank Outscriber

Penelope's Piss Stop

25/05/12 19:06:14

F Mackay Vote score: 22453F Mackay

The Watford Crap Services.

25/05/12 19:00:18

Cath Jones Vote score: 38815Cath Jones

Doctor Poo to the rescue.

25/05/12 19:01:50

Nina Dutton Vote score: 884Nina Dutton

Maintenance man takes the piss!

25/05/12 19:00:12

John Llamas Vote score: 20520John Llamas

Roadside Dumping Welcome

25/05/12 19:29:40

Lisa Nelson Vote score: 1100Lisa Nelson

Highway to Smell

25/05/12 19:08:24

Shandonbelle Vote score: 2755Shandonbelle


25/05/12 19:06:29

F Mackay Vote score: 22453F Mackay

"Can we stop for a rest, I'm pooped."

25/05/12 19:00:59

Ethelia Fotherington-Smythe Vote score: 2703Ethelia Fotherington-Smythe

"What's wrong with it? You said you wanted a dump."

25/05/12 19:00:36

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