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Mr. Toad Vote score: 1738Mr. Toad

“Dear Derren, Colin still thinks he’s a cod.”

13/10/11 19:23:25

Paul Woolley Vote score: 3319Paul Woolley

"I don't get says 'Please Turn Over' on both sides..."

13/10/11 19:02:05

Joe T Vote score: 3133Joe T

Shortly after finishing the last song on the CD, Jedward's song writers sign a suicide pact.

13/10/11 19:26:16

Lee Hauxwell Vote score: 2995Lee Hauxwell

Jackass Diary day 42: After Carl put his arm in the photocopier, Steve tried sneezing with his eyes open.

13/10/11 19:40:38

Dan Dan Vote score: 5606Dan Dan

I told you NOT to use a white pen!!!!!

13/10/11 19:16:09

Ian Mclaren Vote score: 3524Ian Mclaren

One across starts with P,two cups and a girl,I should know this one.

13/10/11 19:12:34

Ian Skelding Vote score: 21269Ian Skelding

"God, all day spent on that bloody chinese girl caption. I told you we should have submitted them at the time."

13/10/11 19:01:10

Grant Amey Vote score: 433Grant Amey

"Sh*t is it me or are the photos getting harder to caption?"

13/10/11 19:00:45

Joe T Vote score: 3133Joe T

Day 4 in Blackberry's PR companies office.

13/10/11 19:24:19

Paul Woolley Vote score: 3319Paul Woolley

A picture emerges of the inside of Wayne Rooney's brain.

13/10/11 19:03:05

Guido van der Velden Vote score: 2088Guido van der Velden

You uploaded a photo to the Flickr submission group?? How could you be so stupid?!

13/10/11 19:02:43

John  Glover Vote score: 19858John Glover

Dear Lord Sugar, sorry we have crashed your - "How do you spell lamborgini?"

14/10/11 9:43:00

James Fotheringham Vote score: 823James Fotheringham

After just 1 hour the page was like their minds. Completely blank.

13/10/11 23:07:09

Ethelia Fotherington-Smythe Vote score: 2362Ethelia Fotherington-Smythe

Simon really struggled to find the words to tell his mum that 'Nicky' was a man.

13/10/11 19:11:09

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