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"Let them eat cack."
"Let them eat cack." photo | portfolio
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I'm so sorry that I accidentally duplicated this, Vivvy, I just saw this! I'm usually super careful to read through all the captions so far, sometimes even doing a 'Find in page' search just to be sure. This time after reading them all up to ~20:40:00, I think I must have been interrupted, then came back and posted my silly bit, during which time you had already done yours. I'm deleting mine. Consider this a heartfelt virtual super-vote for having diluted your humour and stolen Stone Face's vote from you.

Punstakingly Yours,




Oh Crunchy, you sound mortified. I know you wouldn't dupe deliberately and it just shows how easily it can happen to the best and most fastidious of us. Please worry no more as it wasn't a caption I was particularly proud of anyway but it is important to flag up dupes, as Chris has recently asked us to do, particularly as the Dupe Detector has now been removed.

(Edited my previous comment as I was trying to be funny using the theme of the picture but I just realised it could be wildly misinterpreted)

:) Vivvy


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