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Writing this one made me laugh to myself a lot more than the one which won me 50£ last month ... and this one won me precisely 0 votes at all! OK, so it's obviously not that funny. But oh how unpredictable this caption-writing business is ...


I quite liked it and it was a serious contender, if that makes you feel a tiny bit better Jonathan. I have one personal rule and it is that my captions must amuse me personally. You achieved that at least, so it was worth it.


You're right Jonathon, it's totally unpredictable. I've re-used captions of mine that have previously won me no votes at all and they've taken off and scored highly the second time around. On other occasions I have posted captions that really are scraping the barrel, just to use up my quota, and they've attracted more votes than my more carefully thought-out ones. It's weird!


I have only been on the site for a few days but I've been surprised when some of the captions I thought were pretty funny didn't get a bite.. I thought it might have been a difference between American vs. British sense of humor, but now I'm thinking it just might be more about the luck of the draw.


The British comic writer Alan Coren gave his children (Giles and Victoria) this advice: "Whatever the first thing is that comes into your head, don't write that because that's what everyone will write. When the second idea comes into your head, don't write that either because that's what the bright kids will write. Wait for the third idea, because that's the one that only you will do."

On this website, first ideas posted asap can be the vote winners and third ideas the overlooked gems. I agree that it's strange. And it's what stops me posting here more often.


I agree. The early bird catches the worm in most instances. I used to read the first batch of entries but then go back two or three times to see if there were good ones lurking that i'd missed. Now i tend to read them after a day or so as this is when new captions tend to stop. Which is a shame as there are often much better ones posted after a day has passed than those submitted a couple of hours after the photo has been released. It's also when the more obscure ones tend to appear. Such as this one.


As discussed in some of the forums, having known pictures released at known times and a selection of arranged cut and paste captions come flooding in within the first 30 seconds, much of the fun and creativity is stifled and early voting can dictate later placement. I do periodically leave it alone when I get frustrated but it keeps on drawing me back. As a rule, I do captions when I can but I often know that they are a waste of time were I to be too concerned about the votes I may or may not get. I think that many of my best captions have had no votes but it is still good fun.


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