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Swimming with the Faeces, perhaps?


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Swimming with the entry

I think I've met her:



I would join you in a toast Wolf, but I've had a recent health warning concerning the ale.

She said if I carry on drinking..she's gonna fuckin kill me.


Thanks Mr Dome, Stoneface. I'd just like to say that I appreciate voting. I don't understand how a positive (voting for someone's caption) could be turned into a negative (They're doing it for a reason). Captioneers (old school and new) vote for captions at different timeframes and it's important to remember that we all have different lives and therefore not everything might be as sinister as suggested. May I suggest a toast...To Captioneers, voters and Anon...


A clear-cut case of sexual assault. Caught red-handed!


Wolf - I took it as a joke and most have done I think
Stone Face - I agree with your comments too
As the site gives the option to remain anonymous I see nothing wrong with that either. However I don't like Anon personally (which is why I poke fun now and again) and no matter how funny, correct or right they may be with my way of thinking, I will never vote for an Anon comment. The only other thing I would say is that I don't like direct abuse towards people even Anon. The site (as you say stone face) is meant to just be a bit of fun and it really is for me. I hate to offend people but am sure some of my captions do potentially do that - if so I would rather someone tell me directly as I will not take offence - quite the opposite and be very apologetic (unless it's Anon). I just wish everyone was the same but unfortunately they are not. More gin, anyone?


Everything on this site is meant to be a joke, Wolf...and that's the way it should
So if people make snide comments..people should have the balls to show their face..


Guys, the caption is only meant as a joke and shouldn't be taken as a platform to dig at each other (unless in banter).


How does voting up your quota??? ..if that was the case everyone would vote more..are you making your own rules up.


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