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"Different species; similar jeans."
"Different species; similar jeans." photo | portfolio
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Greg Curtis Vote score: 7845Greg Curtis

"Different species; similar jeans."

24/11/21 12:02:40

The Wolf Vote score: 16170The Wolf

Hiya babe. I'm just texting to say Mittens is doing fine. She's snuggled up next to me on the sofa and Tiddles is next to her providing extra comfort. Poor bugger. I'm never using that lawnmower ever again.

24/11/21 8:03:26

Stephen Bean Vote score: 24624Stephen Bean

The cats that got the seam

24/11/21 10:37:48

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 7217Karyn Harrison

🎵 Furever in Blue Jeans

24/11/21 9:09:00

C CaMel Vote score: 8817C CaMel

Hate to brag but this is fairly easy to do, I recently repurposed my willy warmer and my mealworm has had nothing but compliments.

24/11/21 8:09:15

He's positively orgasmic. --Willie Johnson
Greg Curtis Vote score: 7845Greg Curtis

"♬ Denim, Denim...Denim, Denim, Demim...Denim-Denimmmm..."

24/11/21 12:04:37

Tony Edwards Vote score: 35910Tony Edwards


24/11/21 10:29:18

Tony Edwards Vote score: 35910Tony Edwards

A Tale of Two Kitties

24/11/21 10:02:28

Or a Tailor of two kitties. Ha! --Tosser Wivlov
C CaMel Vote score: 8817C CaMel

“Yes it may have got you on the rollercoaster Tim, but cats aren’t designed to carry your weight!”

24/11/21 8:37:42

C CaMel Vote score: 8817C CaMel

“Hi 999? My two cats are stuck in the drainpipes.”

24/11/21 8:02:04

Denim drainpipes? How chic. --Willie Johnson
Willie Johnson Vote score: 3750Willie Johnson

"If you think this was a tight fit, you should have seen them when they were on my calves."

24/11/21 18:53:25

Vivvy En Vote score: 10149Vivvy En

To be frank, it's the only way Dave could get his leg over a nice pussy.

24/11/21 8:55:29

To be Frank? I thought he was Dave. --Willie Johnson
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