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Mummy, why doesnt this tit work?  Because hes a lazy bastard.
Mummy, why doesnt this tit work?  Because hes a lazy bastard. photo | portfolio
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Dave Bryan Vote score: 18763Dave Bryan

''Mummy, why doesn't this tit work?''

''Because he's a lazy bastard.''

17/11/21 20:01:03

C CaMel Vote score: 8516C CaMel

“They don’t really have a purpose do they mummy?”
‘They take the bins out and that’s about it.’
Nod to 20:01:03

17/11/21 23:09:31

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 2382Karen Oakenfull

Back in the day, there were all sorts of ways to cure hiccups.

17/11/21 20:09:51

John Llamas Vote score: 20231John Llamas

Try as he might, he could not pick up radio 2

17/11/21 20:35:03

James Lennox Vote score: 10162James Lennox

Ah, the good old days before Playstation.

17/11/21 20:04:41

Stephen Bean Vote score: 21112Stephen Bean

"Keep drinking dad, they're not full up yet."

17/11/21 20:00:21

Al Overy Vote score: 9876Al Overy

Guinness - puts heirs on your chest.

17/11/21 21:48:24

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4285Mark Wilson

"Mum's puts tassles on hers when she goes to work"

17/11/21 20:30:51

  Smuldo Vote score: 11760 Smuldo

"Mummy's got these, but bigger."

17/11/21 20:04:14

Sorry, I just forgot. Thanks for pointing that out caption author. --Willie Johnson
Dave Bryan Vote score: 18763Dave Bryan

🎵 No Milk Today 🎵

17/11/21 20:08:03

Wow, sixties. Herman's Hermits. Good reference. --Willie Johnson
Lucky Elperro Vote score: 5849Lucky Elperro

"So, you won't tell me what I am getting for Christmas. We have ways of making you talk"

17/11/21 22:00:28

Mr Dome  Vote score: 13145Mr Dome

The Smiths

17/11/21 21:08:03

Chris Keegan Vote score: 11222Chris Keegan

"You go for it Archie, I felt a tit the day after I married him"

17/11/21 20:14:21

alexandra ball Vote score: 1595alexandra ball

Not the mama.

17/11/21 20:00:25

Yeah, I remember that. It was like the dinosaurs had had a revolution and replaced the Flintstones.  --Glyn Evans
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