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Comic relief
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Karyn Harrison Vote score: 6590Karyn Harrison

Comic relief

12/10/21 7:25:34

C CaMel Vote score: 8047C CaMel

“They weren’t blue smarties Dave.”

12/10/21 7:09:59

Chris Keegan Vote score: 11184Chris Keegan

Dave was disappointed by the response to his profile picture on the dating site.

12/10/21 7:05:50

Ian Skelding Vote score: 26653Ian Skelding

Pete discovered later that taking a crap this way wasn't as successful.

12/10/21 7:04:26

Mr Dome  Vote score: 12755Mr Dome

Clever Dick

12/10/21 18:03:26

Dave Bryan Vote score: 17974Dave Bryan


New evidence has emerged which helps to show why so many men miss the bowl.

12/10/21 7:15:56

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 8892Hercules Rockefeller

Typical youtube streamer always showing off.

12/10/21 7:06:24

Tony Edwards Vote score: 34791Tony Edwards

"How's the tantric sex workshop going Dave?"

12/10/21 9:35:58

I'd be a bit worried, he'd be fucking an urinal if he was positioned a bit lower. He's probably got the tantric breathing right, everything else is anyone's guess --Glyn Evans
Stephen Bean Vote score: 20248Stephen Bean


12/10/21 8:39:26

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 16387Dan Nicholls



12/10/21 7:24:14

stone face Vote score: 10116stone face

You see some strange sites in the toilets at a Cirque Du Soleil event..

12/10/21 7:22:25

James Lennox Vote score: 9836James Lennox

"Why the hell did I drink 6 pints before entering the 'Longest Handstand' competition?"

12/10/21 7:21:22

Al Overy Vote score: 9010Al Overy

🎵 It's fun to spray at the Y-M-C-A!

12/10/21 7:00:14

Steve Wright Vote score: 1855Steve Wright

Any man that has tried to urinate with a boner will have at least thought of trying this position.

12/10/21 14:40:00

Steve Wright Vote score: 1855Steve Wright

Perhaps best not to give it a little shake afterwards.

12/10/21 8:27:06

Vivvy En Vote score: 8558Vivvy En


12/10/21 7:58:41

Ryan F Vote score: 205Ryan F

"Piss Head"

12/10/21 7:14:49

Dave Bryan Vote score: 17974Dave Bryan

Dave never forgot the kudos he received at school for being the boy who could piss highest up the wall.

12/10/21 7:05:14

Stephen Bean Vote score: 20248Stephen Bean

Piss artiste

12/10/21 7:00:48

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