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"Shit, Ive dislocated my shoulder"
"Shit, Ive dislocated my shoulder" photo | portfolio
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Mark Wilson Vote score: 3780Mark Wilson

"Shit, I've dislocated my shoulder"

10/09/21 13:04:40

Tony Edwards Vote score: 34619Tony Edwards

Strictly Bum Dancing

10/09/21 12:30:33

Stephen Bean Vote score: 19331Stephen Bean

"I love dancing cheek to cheek."

10/09/21 12:24:18

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 5194Crunchy Chords

"I love you, Davey! Let's make some babies and be the hippest parents ever!"
"Yes! You can photograph me as I teach them to sit on a hot stove, drink beer, and buy guns!"
"Yes! And then I'll use it to get full custody!"
"Yes! Wait, what?"

10/09/21 15:05:12

That is sound parenting makes me feel that they could have been excellent parents too if they hadn't been staying at Camp Crystal.  --Glyn Evans
Mark Wilson Vote score: 3780Mark Wilson

"Come on Sis let's do our dance routine and get in with all those popular kids"

10/09/21 13:14:30

Dave Bryan Vote score: 17216Dave Bryan

''Can you go easy, Jane? My hemorrhoids have dropped again.''

10/09/21 12:33:22

Mr Dome  Vote score: 12520Mr Dome

Before they were famous #284 - photographer Warwick Davis

10/09/21 16:11:48

Tony Edwards Vote score: 34619Tony Edwards

Afro back to the 1970s.

10/09/21 12:21:07

Ryan F Vote score: 179Ryan F

Wow couldn't lick their elbows back then either.

12/09/21 3:44:52

Couldn't put your elbows in your ear either. --Willie Johnson
Ian Skelding Vote score: 26231Ian Skelding

David Schwimmer's Dad was a cool guy as well.

10/09/21 16:17:29

"And pivot... PIVOT..." --Crunchy Chords
Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 4105Scrijjy Doo

Please give generously.

10/09/21 15:03:46

Troompa Loompa Vote score: 21871Troompa Loompa

Belle Bottoms

10/09/21 13:00:40

Mark England Vote score: 19071Mark England

"Last time I see big flares like that the coastguard turned up"

10/09/21 12:28:35

Tony S Vote score: 3008Tony S

"I think we need to check that sex book again this doesn't feel like anal to me."

10/09/21 12:21:20

Tony S Vote score: 3008Tony S

"I agree babes, bloody Caribbean immigrants coming over here taking our hair styles."

10/09/21 12:19:56

Mark England Vote score: 19071Mark England

"These are the two best students from the dance school"
"Lionel Blair's?"
"Yes, the choice of trouser is a bit outdated"

10/09/21 12:15:29

Molly R Vote score: 3082Molly R

"So you weren't pleased to see me - that was a knife in your pocket!"

10/09/21 12:03:45

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