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Forget Me Nut
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Troompa Loompa Vote score: 20723Troompa Loompa

Forget Me Nut

03/04/21 9:13:03

stone face Vote score: 9419stone face

What a load of bollocks..

03/04/21 8:28:09

Tony S Vote score: 1829Tony S

We at the Royal mint have made a limited number of commemorative coins and for a special offer of just 1 vote you can secure your coin and a part in history ...disclaimer.. I cannot guarantee you will recieve this coin as this is a scam and a desperate bid to gain votes.

03/04/21 8:16:14

Dave Bryan Vote score: 14417Dave Bryan

We may forget the fallen captioneers but, regarding their excruciating puns, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM and use them at every possible opportunity.

03/04/21 8:11:11

'They shall not grow old'. Or shall they? --Al Overy
Mr Dome  Vote score: 11614Mr Dome

Commemorative £5 coin sees Queen's head replaced by Charles's balls

03/04/21 8:08:33

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 1996Karen Oakenfull

There’s only one of these coins in existence. Thankfully.

03/04/21 9:44:50

Mr Dome  Vote score: 11614Mr Dome

Council release new design for manhole covers

03/04/21 8:15:32

Michael Winner Vote score: 24144Michael Winner

The Memorial to The Unknown Scrotum.

03/04/21 11:48:15

Mr Dome  Vote score: 11614Mr Dome

03/04/21 8:19:52

Tony S Vote score: 1829Tony S

To coin a phrase

03/04/21 8:03:13

Stephen Bean Vote score: 16070Stephen Bean

Tears for Rears

03/04/21 12:36:39

SnapDragon D Vote score: 344SnapDragon D

The sight that greets my eyes, every waking morning. I really wish he's stop placing his slippers under the bed.

03/04/21 10:22:18

Stephen Paterson Vote score: 3463Stephen Paterson

With people going nuts for commemorative items, The Veterans Alzheimer's Association were coining it in.

03/04/21 9:43:40

Molly R Vote score: 2782Molly R

Easter is getting ridiculous - almost everything is now available in chocolate.

03/04/21 8:26:08

Dave Bryan Vote score: 14417Dave Bryan

And when we have the next war we can remember them again.

03/04/21 8:19:46

stone face Vote score: 9419stone face

Here's the new badge to remember people who have died from arse cancer..

03/04/21 8:05:47

Al Overy Vote score: 5346Al Overy

This design to commemorate the bravest soldiers was chosen as the winner. 'This showed balls', said a judge.

03/04/21 8:00:07

SHA SHA Vote score: 194SHA SHA

Gaping with memory.

05/04/21 2:01:48

SHA SHA Vote score: 194SHA SHA

Lord help me, all I see is a booty-hole.

05/04/21 2:00:22

Gavin Smithers Vote score: 494Gavin Smithers

The last postacchio.

03/04/21 19:30:05

C CaMel Vote score: 7179C CaMel

For all stowaways who worked their passage.

03/04/21 18:08:46

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 3572Scrijjy Doo

Dog Coin

03/04/21 14:48:25

Mark Wilson Vote score: 2992Mark Wilson

Bollocks, I forgot to turn the oven off

03/04/21 11:04:58

C CaMel Vote score: 7179C CaMel

Ploppy Day

03/04/21 9:26:58

Ian Skelding Vote score: 24854Ian Skelding

In memory of the male members of the Grease cast.

03/04/21 8:50:24

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11837Neil Mackenzie

Those who stood with them under enemy fire, those who lost friends, sons, brothers, cousins, fathers and uncles will remember them. Today what they fought for will be ridiculed, their flag that draped the coffin of the unknown soldier will not be flown, because it might upset someone, it used to upset the Enemy let’s not forget that.

03/04/21 8:41:22

James Lennox Vote score: 8342James Lennox

How the hell could we forget them?

03/04/21 8:37:46

Mr Dome  Vote score: 11614Mr Dome

Covid vaccine owes a lot to those who helped with trials and new coin released for all testees

03/04/21 8:31:42

Glyn Evans Vote score: 7921Glyn Evans

Lest we forget that poppies are red.

03/04/21 8:12:41

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 8089Hercules Rockefeller

"Heads or Tails?"

03/04/21 8:01:35

Al Overy Vote score: 5346Al Overy

Bram Stoker's Dracula design deemed too large for final mint.

03/04/21 8:01:12

Al Overy Vote score: 5346Al Overy

Arse Longa, Vita Brevis

03/04/21 8:00:37

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