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"Damn. Hes not gay"
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Mark England Vote score: 16546Mark England

"Damn. He's not gay"

15/04/19 9:13:12

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 14584Dan Nicholls

Don't play it don't play it don't play it.


15/04/19 9:07:15

The Wolf Vote score: 6983The Wolf

What a party. Debbie had eventually pulled Steve, Steve was doing god knows what with his hands whilst being fascinated by a ghost which had appeared in the room, and Dan had the rest of the party stumped with his latest round of Charades

15/04/19 9:55:26

John  Glover Vote score: 20333John Glover

Kevin couldn't understand it, he'd put four duplicate sets of his 2cv car keys in the basket, and not one had been picked up.

15/04/19 12:35:04

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 3222Crunchy Chords
"Damn. Hes not gay"

15/04/19 8:00:22

Chris Keegan Vote score: 8459Chris Keegan

"Roger, roger take the shot now, that'll teach the scumbag to take my missus"

15/04/19 8:00:11

Glyn Evans Vote score: 6516Glyn Evans

"Are you sure this will turn me into a vampire?"

15/04/19 10:13:57

Dave Bryan Vote score: 9067Dave Bryan

Bob was beginning to regret swopping his wife for an invisible phone.

15/04/19 8:08:10

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 10558Neil Mackenzie

He was going to try and have a conversation with the woman in the burka, but when he got closer he realised it was a shadow.

15/04/19 10:51:59

Trace Sarge Vote score: 2538Trace Sarge

When you'd rather be anywhere else but ear.

15/04/19 8:38:29

Spycenwolf  Vote score: 874Spycenwolf

"All that fuss just because his cat died. I mean, people just shrugged when I told them I had cancer."

15/04/19 8:13:15

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 38790Welsh Rarebit

"Na-nu na-nu"

15/04/19 8:01:11

Madeline Charlton Vote score: 175Madeline Charlton

"Charlie , Delta , Tango , in position ,red laser gun aimed at arch rival, I repeat , shoot NOW!"

16/04/19 20:16:59

Trace Sarge Vote score: 2538Trace Sarge

A quick tweak of the wig before he caught his best pal Dave with his Mrs.

15/04/19 8:49:58

Stu Dent Vote score: 3749Stu Dent

Well that was a waste of a hour

15/04/19 8:11:58

Molly R Vote score: 1675Molly R

"My patent behind-the-ear-laser device should get that b*st*rd right through the heart."

15/04/19 8:03:01

stone face Vote score: 7470stone face

To ease his disgust that young Boris Johnson stole his date, young David Cameron looks for a pig's head to f#ck.

15/04/19 8:03:00

Sam Cass Vote score: 944Sam Cass

"Ohhh! So that's what 'lads-stripes; ladies-solids' meant! And to think I spent a whole month and 120 quid learning to play pool for this party!!"

15/04/19 14:49:59

Greg Curtis Vote score: 6097Greg Curtis


15/04/19 10:42:59

James Lennox Vote score: 5355James Lennox

These days working security at college parties is the best job Mike Tyson can get.

15/04/19 10:06:55

James Lennox Vote score: 5355James Lennox

Elves are among us, but they cleverly hide their identity.

15/04/19 8:33:43

Vivvy En Vote score: 5662Vivvy En

'Hah,' thought Julie. 'This'll wind him up and he'll HAVE to give me back my cartilage earring.'

15/04/19 8:27:41

stone face Vote score: 7470stone face

Using his telepathic powers, Charles Xavier instructs his friend Cyclops to take out his love rival.

15/04/19 8:18:07

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 11533Vanessa the Guesser

Captioneers will go to all lengths to hide their identities but Colin had just spotted somebody nodding profusely in the corner.

15/04/19 8:17:18

Mr Dome  Vote score: 9430Mr Dome

A motley crew assembled for Thing's wedding

15/04/19 8:06:16

Mr Dome  Vote score: 9430Mr Dome

'think I lossst my phone. Hic'

15/04/19 8:03:09

Dave Bryan Vote score: 9067Dave Bryan

''I wish I'd brought my ear buds with me.''

15/04/19 8:02:06

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