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I give up where has he hid the baby?
I give up where has he hid the baby? photo | portfolio
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Tony S Vote score: 3008Tony S

I give up where has he hid the baby?

11/09/21 20:06:10

For that matter, I think cats would fit in very well with this room. --Willie Johnson
Crunchy Chords Vote score: 5194Crunchy Chords
I give up where has he hid the baby?

11/09/21 20:01:33

Stephen Bean Vote score: 19334Stephen Bean

Poor Dave, nobody turned up to his birthday party. Maybe he shouldn't have arranged it the same evening Raducanu was playing in the US Open final.

11/09/21 20:00:26

Mr Dome, because Dave was playing for Dave United against Dave City. The birthday invite was only a ploy by Dave to get more players for his team since Dave Ronaldo transferred. I don't know why Dave would ask captioners, although there might be ... --Glyn Evans
Karyn Harrison Vote score: 6425Karyn Harrison

Home Alone 12

11/09/21 20:18:24

Dave Bryan Vote score: 17217Dave Bryan

🎵 Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody 🎵

11/09/21 20:50:50

The Cat in the penthouse flat? --Karyn Harrison
John  Glover Vote score: 22049John Glover

"Is that the Acme Emergency Cleaning Services, please send someone over immediately, there seems to be a tissue box under one of the chairs and the sofa is not central between the two columns."

11/09/21 20:39:55

James Lennox Vote score: 9458James Lennox

I'm not sure about my psychiatrist. I went to him with an irrational fear of soft furnishings and he told me to lie on the couch.

11/09/21 20:39:19

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 4107Scrijjy Doo

How many hideous things can you spot in this picture?

12/09/21 1:34:26

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 12244Neil Mackenzie

The room was full of Captioneers a minute ago, till someone said there’s a cat outside.

11/09/21 23:30:31

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 5698Lucky Elperro

"Jeeves, I know it's your day off, but I forgot to bring my book from the coffee table"

11/09/21 23:06:14

Ian Skelding Vote score: 26231Ian Skelding

Bobby Ball room

11/09/21 21:10:07

Mr Dome  Vote score: 12521Mr Dome

Hi. Yes it's Mr Chuckle. I ordered room service. Can you bring it to me, to me, to me

11/09/21 20:55:02

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 12244Neil Mackenzie

His guests all left complaining his shirt was so loud it was giving them headaches.

11/09/21 20:06:55

Al Overy Vote score: 8220Al Overy

The Worst Marigold Hotel

11/09/21 20:00:23

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