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"Wreck em Pence!"
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Ian Skelding Vote score: 22220Ian Skelding

"Wreck 'em Pence!"

10/07/16 9:36:24

Boycie Vote score: 6699Boycie

Makes cents really

10/07/16 8:13:00

Stephen Paterson Vote score: 3286Stephen Paterson

No change there then!

10/07/16 9:03:55

Darthey Bussell Vote score: 18823Darthey Bussell

He's in the pocket of the local crime gang.

10/07/16 9:37:51

Zac Kramer Vote score: 10993Zac Kramer

Financial statement

10/07/16 8:25:13

Darthey Bussell Vote score: 18823Darthey Bussell

The police were called to dis-purse the crowd.

10/07/16 9:31:13

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 10687Neil Mackenzie

Stating the obvious, when you need to spend a penny you have to go.

10/07/16 16:09:14

Kenny Ireland Vote score: 4708Kenny Ireland

If the rally is successful they will have a laugh at our ex-pence.

10/07/16 14:42:45

Henry Dixon Vote score: 751Henry Dixon

'Demand CHANGE..What's left demanding your right's ?..would it be right to elect the left ?'

10/07/16 14:11:25

Ian Skelding Vote score: 22220Ian Skelding

To coin a phrase.

10/07/16 9:39:28

GeeDee Vote score: 2854GeeDee

Penny for your thoughts

10/07/16 8:05:04

Jay Oliver Vote score: 248Jay Oliver

... and your lefts could be after that.

12/07/16 7:03:09

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 5960Tosser Wivlov


10/07/16 13:02:14

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 14948Dan Nicholls

Pence has taken a pound-ing in the polls.

10/07/16 10:06:49

Darthey Bussell Vote score: 18823Darthey Bussell

He's half the man he used to be.

10/07/16 9:54:21

John Llamas Vote score: 20016John Llamas

"Stirling work chaps."

10/07/16 9:17:20

Michael Monkhouse Vote score: 2804Michael Monkhouse

No good sitting on the pence.

10/07/16 8:50:03

Tony Edwards Vote score: 31821Tony Edwards

Protest group continue to pound away for pence to go.

10/07/16 8:28:09

Boycie Vote score: 6699Boycie

The suss pence is killing us

10/07/16 8:11:20

tony kelly Vote score: 1273tony kelly

Donald Trump's racism sinks to new low.

10/07/16 8:07:11

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