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Colonel Sandals
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Spud Gunn II Vote score: 535Spud Gunn II

Colonel Sandals

12/10/15 20:43:14

Michael Winner Vote score: 24455Michael Winner

Who would have guessed that when the Messiah returned, he would taste so delicious?

12/10/15 21:13:59

Boycie Vote score: 6700Boycie

Yet another picture with a cock on shoes.

12/10/15 21:01:20

Tommy FlashBangWallop Vote score: 1413Tommy FlashBangWallop

Does my cock look big in these?

12/10/15 20:21:17

Cath Jones Vote score: 38790Cath Jones

Flap flops

12/10/15 20:00:21

Boycie Vote score: 6700Boycie

I clicked my boyfriend's web history listed as "chicks in thongs"

12/10/15 23:11:33

John  Glover Vote score: 21628John Glover

"I told you not to piss off Hermione Granger."

12/10/15 20:58:44

Bobby D Vote score: 719Bobby D

bird thong

12/10/15 20:16:01

Doh Nutter Vote score: 21123Doh Nutter

"Have you got these in a size 2, I say, have you got size 2?"

12/10/15 20:03:25

Henry Dixon Vote score: 751Henry Dixon

Henrietta looking laid back & chic in her designer gear.

12/10/15 23:23:07

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 5260Lucky Elperro

I'm sorry but a self-rightious attitude and a pair of sandals doesn't make you a vegan.

12/10/15 21:36:15

Boycie Vote score: 6700Boycie

"I got these for three bucks"

12/10/15 20:59:19

Doh Nutter Vote score: 21123Doh Nutter

Just flown in from Turkey, it was bootiful.

12/10/15 20:30:17

John Llamas Vote score: 20078John Llamas

After constantly having her motives questioned every time she crossed the road, Evie decided to start giving them something new to question.

12/10/15 20:29:45

Zac Kramer Vote score: 10993Zac Kramer

What came first...
The chicken or the leg?

12/10/15 20:27:05

Mr Dome Vote score: 11799Mr Dome

Hmmm funny but it reminds me of my husband. He's got a flip-floppy cock

12/10/15 22:22:46

Tony Edwards Vote score: 34077Tony Edwards

Chicken to take out.

12/10/15 21:01:08

Michael Winner Vote score: 24455Michael Winner

Chicken Run.

12/10/15 20:47:48

Smuldo Vote score: 11740Smuldo


12/10/15 20:30:23

John Llamas Vote score: 20078John Llamas

Today on How Clean is Your House? ... things are desperate as the chickens are putting shoes on before coming in the house.

12/10/15 20:23:14

Mark England Vote score: 18394Mark England

"Has anyone seen my swimming trunks?"

12/10/15 20:10:11

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