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John  Glover Vote score: 21100John Glover

"Daddy, why did they lady say, "Same again Dave," and why did you ignore her?"

13/10/15 11:04:19

Boycie Vote score: 6700Boycie


13/10/15 11:17:47

Ron  Allan Vote score: 5506Ron Allan

Bricktoria Peckham

13/10/15 11:27:56

Bobby D Vote score: 719Bobby D

Don't worry fellas Laura's not impressed by anything ....Not even a one-legged man hopping along at 30 MPH can turn her head

13/10/15 13:09:28

Tony Busby Vote score: 2069Tony Busby

"Straight sex? ... you sick bastard."

13/10/15 12:55:03

Bobby D Vote score: 719Bobby D

I'm going to get that tuppence when nobody's looking

13/10/15 14:11:00

John Llamas Vote score: 20018John Llamas

Some girls are just inclined that way.

13/10/15 12:35:40

Tony Edwards Vote score: 32885Tony Edwards

Retile therapy

13/10/15 11:06:59

Boycie Vote score: 6700Boycie

Brick tease

13/10/15 12:45:33

Stephen Paterson Vote score: 3286Stephen Paterson

As her punter does a vanishing trick, Alice feared having her collar felt after receiving money for services rendered following a night on the tiles.

13/10/15 12:39:49

Spud Gunn II Vote score: 535Spud Gunn II

Sarah longed wistfully for the day she could live the American Dream and enter a high school with a handful of automatic weapons, but for now firing blanks at passers-by would have to do.

13/10/15 11:43:49

John  Glover Vote score: 21100John Glover

"Run, here comes that mad bitch with the pillow!"

13/10/15 11:01:12

Bad Boy Dennis. Vote score: 1196Bad Boy Dennis.

Next Please

13/10/15 14:32:05

Steve Davies Vote score: 2443Steve Davies

Dave new about her past life as a hooker,but not that she used to play for Wigan.

13/10/15 11:06:34

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