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stoneface1 Vote score: 1179stoneface1

vent your frustration

12/01/15 8:05:44

Yet another that the job centre has found a job for.  --Bad Boy Dennis.
Tracey Sarge Vote score: 2566Tracey Sarge

Down and out in Beverly Grills.

12/01/15 10:27:18

stoneface1 Vote score: 1179stoneface1

Underground, overground, one balling free
The one ball of Wimbledon Common is he.

12/01/15 8:15:06

Add 'Grate Uncle Bulge-area' as a caption Neil and it will get my vote.  --Doh Nutter
AXE Vote score: 3690AXE

"How am I supposed to break into this house when I dread locks?" cried the burglar.

12/01/15 8:01:05

Well its no use trying to kick the door in, its making your big toe sore --Bad Boy Dennis.
Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11366Neil Mackenzie

Desmon was well hung over.

12/01/15 12:51:35

Take out the 'was' & replace with 'is' then take of the 'over' --Bad Boy Dennis.
AXE Vote score: 3690AXE

He's sadly in need of a good air conditioner.

12/01/15 8:22:46

AXE Vote score: 3690AXE

Sob Marley and the Wailers.

12/01/15 8:00:06

AXE Vote score: 3690AXE

"I can't Bear Grylls!"

12/01/15 13:20:38

Tracey Sarge Vote score: 2566Tracey Sarge

Some people will stoop so this case not low enough!

12/01/15 12:50:44

Feet could do with a wash --Bad Boy Dennis.
Anna Vote score: 530Anna

Surviving on the streets in Calcutta isn't easy - it takes balls.

12/01/15 8:47:49

Michael Winner Vote score: 23632Michael Winner

The controversial South Asian children's book, 'Where's Walla?'

12/01/15 8:43:57

Boycie Vote score: 6700Boycie

We've all had that dream - getting to work and then realising you have odd shoes on.

12/01/15 8:08:52

Cath Jones Vote score: 38790Cath Jones

Why is he looking so miserable, he's got a full lunchbox?

12/01/15 11:18:33

Just needs a sucker for punishment --Bad Boy Dennis.
Mick Nolan Vote score: 92Mick Nolan


12/01/15 11:04:16

John  Glover Vote score: 21229John Glover

Out caste.

12/01/15 10:53:41

John Llamas Vote score: 20052John Llamas

"Has he been drinking Madam?"
"I am not sure Officer, but one of the ladies did mention noticing he had a Semillon."

12/01/15 8:37:20

stoneface1 Vote score: 1179stoneface1

grill and bare it..

12/01/15 8:07:59

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