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She must be Romanian- its not the first time theyve been caught flogging a dead horse.
She must be Romanian- its not the first time theyve been caught flogging a dead horse. photo | portfolio
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Michael Winner Vote score: 22699Michael Winner

She must be Romanian- it's not the first time they've been caught flogging a dead horse.

13/02/13 12:00:21

I've never understood who'd buy a dead horse. Except Lady Gaga, it'd make a nice dress. --Michael Monkhouse
Glyn Evans Vote score: 6203Glyn Evans


13/02/13 12:36:22

Cath Jones Vote score: 38790Cath Jones

After the race there was a Stew Enquiry.

13/02/13 12:30:42

Paul Woolley Vote score: 3319Paul Woolley

"Clare Balding?"

"No, she's just tied her hair back today."

13/02/13 13:57:38

Gayna Dee Vote score: 2836Gayna Dee

This Specimen will be Great for Filly-Con-Carne

13/02/13 13:03:02

Or a tasty Horse d'oeuvre?I wouldn't risk the saddle of lamb from Tesco though...... a very good Palomino told me it can be a BIT tough, especially if you serve it colt --Zac Kramer
Isla gray Vote score: 306Isla gray

''LOOK! Its Win-on-a Rider!''

13/02/13 12:18:40

F Mackay Vote score: 16988F Mackay

"C'mon folks, it's only a pound a go and you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a prize that's worth less than a pound."

13/02/13 12:56:33

Mark England Vote score: 15965Mark England

"I won a pair of boots, an electric fan, spotlights, a cuddly toy..."
Jessie still reminisces about her appearance on The Generation Game in 1996

13/02/13 12:41:08

Mark England Vote score: 15965Mark England

"Right listen up workers . Number 3 goes to Waitrose, number 4 to Findus and number 5 is Tesco..."
It was Danika's first day at the Polish meat packers.

13/02/13 12:07:07

James Fotheringham Vote score: 823James Fotheringham

I used to put ketchup on my burger. Now I put on a fiver each-way.

13/02/13 21:40:16

Ian Mclaren Vote score: 3524Ian Mclaren

The next person to crack a horse meat joke,gets a seven burger penalty.

13/02/13 12:11:23

Dan Dan Vote score: 5606Dan Dan

Dead Rum.

13/02/13 12:07:07

Zac Kramer Vote score: 10993Zac Kramer

£5 on "Every Little Helps" please

13/02/13 12:01:34

F Mackay Vote score: 16988F Mackay

"Win a replica of Frankie Dettori's horse, with realistic spaced out expression and bursting arteries."

13/02/13 13:04:59

Tony Edwards Vote score: 30899Tony Edwards

Mister Red.

13/02/13 12:18:09

Ian Sanderson Vote score: 984Ian Sanderson

She was flogging a red horse.

13/02/13 15:25:56

Steve Davies Vote score: 2441Steve Davies

"Yeah all you have to do is try and get your balls through this hole" ."Really should'nt we go for dinner or something first"?

13/02/13 14:27:33

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 10058Neil Mackenzie

Studying the Form:- Ah number 13 Foxtrot won its last outing the Three Legged Race at Blackpool Sands, the Jockey is Donald Key, I'll back that.
I can't understand it the Jockey was holding it back for the first two furlongs then he let it lead for the next two and then it just lost the lead.
Never back Foxtrot it always runs Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow.

13/02/13 13:34:54

Tracy Davidson Vote score: 9777Tracy Davidson

After being declared bankrupt, Martine McCutcheon starts a new career.

13/02/13 13:30:51

Smuldo Vote score: 11339Smuldo

"Come on now Guys place a bet and the winner get's a ride on one of us."

13/02/13 12:08:02

Smuldo Vote score: 11339Smuldo

The Nag's Dead.

13/02/13 12:02:16

Zac Kramer Vote score: 10993Zac Kramer

I'm not betting on any more races...
just lost a 'pony' in the "Tesco Stakes"

13/02/13 12:00:11

phil mcavity Vote score: 423phil mcavity

'God these crabs are making my fanny itch.'

13/02/13 16:12:03

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 5630Tosser Wivlov

I can assure you Sir its not bolted.

13/02/13 14:39:41

Greg Curtis Vote score: 6049Greg Curtis

Congratulations Buck! You can now "cash in" for a small human.

13/02/13 14:15:01

Michael Winner Vote score: 22699Michael Winner

It comes a surprise to most people, but this is the Vatican's new method for choosing the next Pope.

13/02/13 12:01:31

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