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It was usually easier to take the A4.
It was usually easier to take the A4. photo | portfolio
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Mr. Toad Vote score: 1738Mr. Toad
It was usually easier to take the A4.

09/06/12 11:28:38

Perfect. --D C
Oli Blackwell Vote score: 834Oli Blackwell

Seconds later it was just a wrecked tangle...

09/06/12 11:42:48

Dave Devine Vote score: 1725Dave Devine

Just been window shopping

09/06/12 11:41:39

Ron  Allan Vote score: 5548Ron Allan

After Magumbi adopted the baby Lion he spent most of his time adapting the Cat Flap

09/06/12 11:01:42

Dan Dan Vote score: 5606Dan Dan

"Mi name Gavin from Autoglass, dem fools crusin' wid chip in dem windscreen"......

09/06/12 11:01:28

Ian Searle Vote score: 2409Ian Searle

Dave was the first driving instructor to introduce the interactive white board to motorcycle training.

09/06/12 11:11:10

John  Glover Vote score: 21628John Glover

It was Jim's first attempt at getting elected, but he just didn't quite get the hang of canvassing.

09/06/12 12:01:31

Ron  Allan Vote score: 5548Ron Allan

"Damn, that side-wind almost blew me off the bike, Ken.....Ken?"

09/06/12 11:00:56

Ron  Allan Vote score: 5548Ron Allan

Window fitter in Superglue Hospital dash

09/06/12 11:00:26

William Kay Vote score: 1064William Kay


09/06/12 12:13:42

Ian Searle Vote score: 2409Ian Searle

"Hum-chica-ha-chicka-hum-chicka-ha... Do you know where we are yet?"

09/06/12 11:13:17

Tony Edwards Vote score: 34076Tony Edwards

Bill Board.

09/06/12 11:07:01

Roley Martin Vote score: 1863Roley Martin

Life in the glass lane

09/06/12 11:05:28

Julie Vote score: 16Julie

This bloke took stopping bugs getting in his teeth to the extreme.

10/06/12 17:27:51

Bev Owens Bev Owens

Solar power, it's the way forward :)

09/06/12 22:58:39

Lisa Nelson Vote score: 1094Lisa Nelson

Worlds first solar powered scooter.

09/06/12 20:40:22

Stephen Graham Vote score: 1092Stephen Graham

"God, I could do with a shave!"

09/06/12 12:48:05

Lee Hauxwell Vote score: 2995Lee Hauxwell

For the Narcisistic Mod in your life.

09/06/12 11:03:54

Ian Mclaren Vote score: 3524Ian Mclaren

At the crossroads take a right Turner.

09/06/12 11:02:28

Kellie Franklin Vote score: 331Kellie Franklin

Always remember to adjust your rear view mirror before driving.

09/06/12 11:00:54

Del Kent Del Kent

There's no blind spot on MY rear view mirror.

17/07/12 12:30:14

Chris D Vote score: 405Chris D

How is he steering? Clever Dick

10/06/12 8:36:04

Jamie Pierce Jamie Pierce

I wanted a windshield. I got one.

09/06/12 20:19:02

David Manley Vote score: 156David Manley

Mirror mirror on the wall whose the dumbest biker of them all

09/06/12 17:04:47

Martin Hudson Martin Hudson

Who needs google cars? I can see my route back

09/06/12 16:36:16

Andrea Lary Andrea Lary

''All I said was that we should take more pictures on holiday... oh nevermind''

09/06/12 13:52:33

John  Glover Vote score: 21628John Glover

Dev's mystery motorbike tour was not a great success.

09/06/12 12:52:49

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