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Following 2 years of working from home Raj adapted well to being back in the office.
Following 2 years of working from home Raj adapted well to being back in the office. photo | portfolio
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Things have got bad, if this is the best picture selected by our fellow captioners

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I get this is a joke, but the option exists to upload pics you think are better. Personally I reckon Chris deserves extra thanks. Not only is he running the site, but he's also the main photo contributor at present.


The things with photos I like about is it doesn't matter what a photo is, captioneer's should be game for a challenge (if they indeed are).

What I do like are the photos that stump everyone, okay this may be the result of regular traffic not being on the site for that photo (because everyone's got commitments too) so the photo ends up in limbo, captionless for fifteen of twenty minutes.


I've just added a load more photos into the pending pool so please get voting (and consider adding photos). Thanks!


That's me told off, hang my head in shame, please forgive me.


I've bagged photos in the past, too, Leeds, so I'm a bit of a hypocrite. But I think we should be mindful that most photos are contributed by our fellow Captioneers, and they deserve appreciation for this. Without photo contributors there is no site. Anyway, thanks for taking the comment well.


James, I think it would be best that I no longer contribute. Therefore, apologies to yourself, Chris and the rest of the community.

Account deactivated.


This comment won't mean much as Leeds Baggie has already deactivated their account, but Leeds you didn't need to perform digital seppuku!

Please feel free to come back and contribute. James was only pointing out the situation and he did remark that you took the reply well. If something's put up on here or commented on, everyone is free to respond if they so wish, just as you can/could too. But the choice is yours (if you happen to read this). may have a user community but from what I'm aware of, there has never been a ban list on this site for people speaking their mind like some countries I could mention!


Sorry, guys. I had no intention of shaming Leeds or making him/her quit the site. The caption wasn't so different from many that I've written in the past.

I raised the issue here because Chris already contributes so much to the site, but my comment was more generally intended to say that's photo contributors should be appreciated, rather than discouraged. The forum may have been a better place for the subject...

Anyway, it wasn't meant as a personal attack, and I feel bad it was taken that way.


I hate doing this because Leeds Baggie isn't here to defend themself, but then they might rejoin the site under a different persona so they can correct me if I'm wrong.

Leeds Baggie could be guilt tripping. To be fair, there doesn't seem to have been much that's pushed them over the edge to announce publicly that they're deactivating their account. Okay, they have. But they could have still done the same action without mentioning anything.

As they address you James, it's your attention that they're wanting so I'm guessing they're after a reaction from you too. I really do hope this isn't a "look what you made me do" tactic, leaving you to dwell over what they have done that they're hoping that you will feel responsible for the actions that they themself have taken. If this is so, they're actually punishing you James by taking this action if that is the intention.

If not, maybe they're simply not used to resistance and they were unsure what to do against a pre established element as a new comer. Whatever the reason, please don't be put off from sharing opinions!


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