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Children should be seen and not hurled.

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Recent research suggests that daughters are now rejecting their younger brothers. There has to be a catch.

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"Beware of your brother and all boys for that matter. They are born with this illness called patriarchy. The best thing to do is cure them when they're young before the disease really takes hold"


Nearly happened to me Glyn. Time, and a failed marriage took care of that. Now I'm too old.


Ah Willie, so there's an age where conversion therapy doesn't work? - I didn't think it worked anyway but considering the amount of "social influencers/propagandists" we have nowadays people seem to be a bit paranoid over their influence. Next we'll be getting processed and assimilated! Lol laughing face

I don't consider myself patriarchal, matriarchal or whatever other ideological notions people have because I don't care about power. Women can be patriarchal, men can be matriarchal as long as people have the right to, then we're still technically a functioning democracy. I mean if we had a society where everyone falls in line...I'm not allowed to say anything more, the lack of freedom of speech prohibits me from saying more and I may be taken away! smilie face


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