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BREAKING - World leaders delighted as Putin steps down.
BREAKING - World leaders delighted as Putin steps down. photo | portfolio
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"Michelle and I are huge Harry Potter fans. Would you be willing to do a selfie, maybe with the fake ears and pillowcase?"

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I didn't realise that the KKK appeared in Harry Potter...oh, yeah they do, they're the Death Eaters but they wear moody black. I don't know what the fake ears are about.

Hi Stephen, I'm out of comments for this week so I figured I'd write the reply here. I wasn't thinking of things proportionally as Dobby can obviously fit into a pillowcase. When you said pillowcases, the first thing that came to mind was the hoods of a group of domestic terrorists!


Glyn, Dobby the house elf was fond of wearing pillowcases. Perhaps Nobby the house elf would be more appropriate here.


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