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Ive warned you girls before about playing chicken on busy roads.
Ive warned you girls before about playing chicken on busy roads. photo | portfolio
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''I've warned you girls before about playing chicken on busy roads.''

Tue 8:10:15


Hen party

Tue 8:00:08


"OK girls now let's go get some cock."

Tue 8:05:35

They were looking for some cock, but all they could find was a come sock. --Willie Johnson

“I think I’ve been doing veganuary too long.”

Tue 8:20:40


“Give that pig a blanket and let’s call it Christmas.”

Tue 8:03:27


"You're honour, while my client freely admits he was drunk when he mowed down these four individuals, I suggest the charge should not be that of Murder, but only Roadkill"

new entryTue 20:29:30


“Is this some kind of joke?”

Tue 8:16:27


When Paul McCartney left Wings.

Tue 8:15:18


I don't know why we do these gigs, were only paid a poultry amount.

Tue 12:17:13


PLOD'S WEEKLY - Page 3: Big-breasted babes receive a helping hand

Tue 11:44:23


“Coq au van, 4 dead, back to the studio.”

Tue 10:03:20


"You won't believe it, I was driving down Long Lane and four birds dressed as chickens were crossing the road"
- "You think that's odd, I was there yesterday and saw a zebra crossing, I recon a steam roller went straight over those poor blokes inside"

Tue 10:01:52


Birds custody

Tue 8:19:29


Cluck the Police

Tue 8:11:32


"Why did the chickens cross the road?"

"To get to No.10's lockdown fancy dress party."

Tue 8:02:10

"Why did the chickens cross the road?" "To get the flock out of the house." --Willie Johnson

They don't want to be called birds and yet they dress like this.

new entryTue 13:58:42


"Make way for the %ucklings."

Tue 12:24:12


I can't decide which one of the Beatles had the best legs

Tue 11:39:42


Police stop protest march with well positioned banana skins

Tue 11:33:10


Cluck Click Every Trip

Tue 10:26:59


"This is the strangest identity parade I've ever seen. What are they accused of for God's sake?"

Tue 9:13:59


The Birdie Throng

Tue 9:06:23


"I'm going to have to ask you to comb quietly."

Tue 9:01:13


Poultry farmer, Dave, always enjoyed dressing the chickens himself.

Tue 8:35:44


Flappy Road

Tue 8:18:22


♪ Every breast you take ♪

Tue 8:15:48


That inner city farm was rubbish all they had was 4 chickens and a pig.

Tue 8:15:21


Dress Down Fryday

Tue 8:12:35


"Chooks away!"

Tue 8:12:18


Looks like Tina from Doncater and her friends got laid last night.

Tue 8:08:51


The eggs went over easy.

Tue 8:06:35


''I wish somebody would pluck me,'' said Tina Chicken.

Tue 8:06:15



Tue 8:05:40


Racing Today was held up at Brands Hatch.

Tue 8:03:00


Jay walkers.

Tue 8:01:41


Q: Why did the chicks cross the road?
A: Because they were chasing the Beatles.

Tue 8:00:55


Shortly afterwards they were mown down by a truck carrying a shipment of herbs. The jury concluded this was a serious case of road sage.

Tue 8:00:30


Police suspect fowl play.

Tue 8:00:11

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