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Everyone piles in at the party after Anon reveals their identity.
Everyone piles in at the party after Anon reveals their identity. photo | portfolio
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Everyone piles in at the party after Anon reveals their identity.

Mon 12:00:10

And this is how Cluedo was invented. Everyone murdered Anon with all available weapons in the Ballroom.  --Glyn Evans

''Make way, make way, I'm a doctor. If that's Boris, I'm entitled to the first kick.''

Mon 12:42:28


Everton supporters thank Rafa Benitez for all his hard work.

Mon 12:31:02


“35 people were attacking my mother in law.”
‘Did you do anything.’
“I thought 35 should be enough.”

Mon 12:23:20

I wouldn't want to take any chances. 35 is like a snack to her.  --Glyn Evans

“The 5p fell oot me sporran and rolled across the dance floor…”

Mon 12:18:38

It hit him on the back of the head as he bent down to pick it up.(Old Billy Connolly joke) --Troompa Loompa


"Diedre. I feel you may be drunk and getting the wrong end of the stick. The poor bugger is having a stroke."

Mon 12:17:16


Well at least the food was popular, everyone was saying how scrummy it was.

Mon 16:00:46


Maybe he shouldn't have mentioned he was an anti-vaxxer.

Mon 13:15:19


Mosh pits weren't quite the same in the 1950's.

Mon 12:34:36


After the wedding ceremony the in-laws soon started to get to know one another.

Mon 12:12:29


"I thought I'd just pop in to see how you all are", said Dominic Cummings after gate-crashing the Tory Party conference.

Mon 12:11:25


''My caption is better than your caption.''

''No, my caption is better than your caption.''

''There's only one way to find out: Fight!''

Mon 12:04:19


The investigation concludes that Boris is no longer popular within the Conservative Party.

Mon 12:02:22


Since the revelations, no alcohol is permitted at parties at Number 10.

Mon 12:00:08


The swinging 60s, and who will get the first set of keys

Mon 16:30:39


"At most every party - regrettably - Dave is the 'center of attention.' "

Mon 14:23:13


Grabbing and sucking your new wife's tits is absolutely fine. But doing it during the first dance in front of her family is bound to cause some upset.

Mon 13:27:05


"Ladies and Gentlemen, the free bar has now reached its limit. Normal prices have resumed."


Mon 13:09:31


You should never tell a group of drunk people at a wedding that you don't like being tickled.

Mon 13:03:02


"Am I the only one here that didn't do a lateral flow test?......."

Mon 12:48:11


In defiance of recent events, Novak Djokovic makes a surprise appearance at a party for Australian expats in Serbia, hoping to be warmly welcomed.

Mon 12:37:32


When the nurse at the Care home said she had the last Viagra tablet if anyone wanted it.

Mon 12:08:12


The Hokey Pokey didn't immediately catch on when it was first introduced.

Mon 12:04:20


"Prince Andrew! Wait, your Highness, you really must get a private room first!!"

Mon 12:00:18


A typical night at number 10.

Mon 12:00:12


Stop, stop, stop, this Conga dance is too hard let's try the Macarena

Tue 12:23:21


"Get your back out my way Mildred, I want to stick the boot in."

Tue 0:55:08


Fifty Shades of Grey

Mon 17:26:44


Panic on the streets of London.
Panic on the streets of Birmingham
I wonder to myself
Could life ever be the same again?
The Downing Street Party you slip to
Hang the BJ, Hang the BJ, Hang the BJ

Mon 17:26:21


Uncle John got drunk and dressed up in aunt Maggie's dress but thankfully they got him out before the vicar saw him.

Mon 15:43:55


"Calm down everyone. There aren't any Beatles around."

Mon 15:42:05


Forensics reveal that Oswald was shot by Julie Andrews.

Mon 15:37:00


Currently like the Tories, this was the Liberal Party's Party Scandal back in the day because as you can see Charles Kennedy is in the background.

But because it was the Liberal Party nobody seemed to care.

Mon 14:28:40


The inebriated stripper should never have shouted "Next."

Mon 13:56:23


“Anyone seen Jeff, thought I heard his voice?”
Blind Football: Room 1
Morris Dancing: Room 2

Mon 13:51:05


"96, 97, 98..."

Everyone loved giving Gran her birthday bumps.

Mon 13:33:17


"She's got the audacity to wear a red dress. Get the floozy outta here"

Mon 13:01:40


Doris never missed an opportunity to steal someone's wallet.

Mon 12:55:00


Her ex marked the spot.

Mon 12:53:40


"It went into the 'BAD-IDEA box': ... The First Annual Dance for Epilepsy."

Mon 12:47:24


“Living daylights actually smell like shit don’t they?”

Mon 12:29:43


“That’s my suitcase, there’s just clothes in it, nothing else.”

Mon 12:15:18


Murder on the dance floor

Mon 12:10:47


Suited and booted.

Mon 12:09:06

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