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"Did we have to buy a house so close to your mother?"
"Did we have to buy a house so close to your mother?" photo | portfolio
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Tony S Vote score: 5514Tony S

"Did we have to buy a house so close to your mother?"

19/12/21 8:01:32

Ian Skelding Vote score: 28754Ian Skelding

"Get up George, that Dragon's running amok out there."
"Aw Mum, it's Sunday."

19/12/21 8:14:33

Stephen Bean Vote score: 24573Stephen Bean

"Unfortunately our city is badly affected by Smaug."

19/12/21 12:26:20

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

"Bernard, the Thwaites have now gone and installed a firebreathing dragon on their roof. We need to go to Homebase to buy a trebuchet."

19/12/21 9:27:01

Stephen Bean Vote score: 24573Stephen Bean

"I'll huff and I'll puff.."

"Oh crap," said the little pig.

19/12/21 8:36:42

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 7214Karyn Harrison

"We hired him for our house-warming party."

19/12/21 8:00:49

Dave Bryan Vote score: 21899Dave Bryan

''Come down and fight, you f-cking coward.''

19/12/21 8:30:54

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 10070Hercules Rockefeller

"Oh, hell, Daenerys is having one of her moods again."

19/12/21 8:03:24

Dave Bryan Vote score: 21899Dave Bryan


A dragon has set fire to a florist's. The owner is trying to slay it with flowers.

19/12/21 8:02:21

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 13350Neil Mackenzie

Climate Activist :- Keep that fire in. Don’t you know Global Warming will kill us all in the future?
Dragon Oh terribly Sorry I’ll do that.
Dragon Expert:- No don’t tell a Dragon to keep his fire in.
Activist :- Why?
The end of the World came sooner than predicted.

19/12/21 11:35:26

Glyn Evans Vote score: 9970Glyn Evans

An unhinged anti-vaxxer follows up on Piers Corbyn's advice about burning down MPs' offices. Luckily no one was hurt by the fire but everyone in the vicinity caught Omicron because the dragon hadn't had it's jabs.

19/12/21 10:30:34

The other day I saw a photo of Piers Corbyn breathing fire at an anti-lockdown street party in 2020. Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts on, truth is stranger than fiction. --Glad You Remember
Stephen Bean Vote score: 24573Stephen Bean

"I love the egg shaped paperweight you got me for Christmas Dave, but where did you say you found it again?"

19/12/21 8:12:43

Al Overy Vote score: 13062Al Overy

"For goodness sake, Ted! Why did you give him your Nando's with Extra Hot Peri Peri!?"

19/12/21 8:00:49

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