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"This dogs getting on my tits."
"This dogs getting on my tits." photo | portfolio
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Ian Skelding Vote score: 26653Ian Skelding

"This dog's getting on my tits."

10/11/21 8:05:36

Glyn Evans Vote score: 8950Glyn Evans

Calcium is good for the old canines

10/11/21 8:29:27

Chris Keegan Vote score: 11184Chris Keegan

How dairy

10/11/21 8:03:29

Michael Winner Vote score: 25472Michael Winner

Once you hit 50, it's best to just give up trying to understand modern pornography.

10/11/21 9:19:25

Stephen Bean Vote score: 20248Stephen Bean

Onesie Man and His Dog

10/11/21 8:04:03

Stephen Bean Vote score: 20248Stephen Bean

"Rex, why are you biting that poor cow?"


10/11/21 8:19:03

Al Overy Vote score: 9010Al Overy

Suckleberry Hound

10/11/21 8:00:35

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 12401Neil Mackenzie

We ask she may not be a sheep but is this picture worrying?

10/11/21 11:05:43

Yes, it is a deeply concerning issue.I am a lawyer who represents all creatures that feel threatened or worried. It's a common misconception that it's just sheep even though it is quite prevalent amongst livestock. It was a good thin... --Glyn Evans
Mark Wilson Vote score: 3994Mark Wilson

Blackadder control your dog

10/11/21 10:06:01

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 8892Hercules Rockefeller

The dog that got the cream.

10/11/21 8:14:59

C CaMel Vote score: 8047C CaMel

“Semi-skimmed but I’m still in tact.”

10/11/21 8:13:28

Al Overy Vote score: 9010Al Overy

The Bittiest Hobo

10/11/21 8:00:10

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