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Chinese wrestlers blamed for extinction in WWF mixup.
Chinese wrestlers blamed for extinction in WWF mixup. photo | portfolio
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The baby Panda was accused of being a bigot because he refused to accept the men dressed as Panda’s were real Pandas.

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They could have been mis-reincarnated - it's serious being a Panda in a Human's body and vice versa. It's led to the rise of the PERFs (the Panda-Exclusionary Radical Front) and it's incredibly hard for a Human who's a Panda to be accepted by the Panda community. However Pandas do sometimes forget such instances like when Pandas fall in love with their Zoo Keepers but when that happens Pandas conveniently forget. What about when Pandas want to be Human? - I mean Kung Fu Panda's anthropomorphised. That was a breakthrough in film as no one had ever anthropomorphised a Panda before allowing screen time for a humanised Panda. Luckily there weren't riots in the streets!


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