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Im not sure of the exact species but its definitely not a toucan.
Im not sure of the exact species but its definitely not a toucan. photo | portfolio
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I'm not sure of the exact species but it's definitely not a toucan.

Fri 21:30:05


"I don't drink Red Bull, I already have wings"

Fri 20:00:56


"Coke's much better, I hate imitation."

Fri 20:08:57

It probably gained in popularity after they made cocaine illegal in the States in 1920. Rather than a snort, take a swig.  --Glyn Evans


Fri 20:00:08



Fri 20:09:43


I used to be a Coke addict.

Fri 20:11:34

Must've been as high as a kite. :) --Karyn Harrison

"Ahhh that's better. I've got a mouth like the bottom of a birdcage..."

Fri 20:00:41

You must be from Lincolnshire. :^)  --Crunchy Chords

Lady Gaga has outdone herself this time.

Sat 3:28:22


“Oi! Who gave me this? It’s full of cigarette butts!..Bastard…bastard.. who’s a f*cking pretty bastard…”

Fri 22:39:38


Pepsi for when they haven't got coke or vimto or 7up or Tango or Oasis or water or ...

Fri 20:37:44


"Polly want's a Pepsi"

Sat 2:41:27


Belisha beakcan

Sat 0:50:46


Uh! It's been recycled. Full of piss.

Fri 22:29:43


"I feel like I've got a mouthful of feathers."
"Well, there's been a cock-or-too in there."

Fri 21:59:55


"Is he wild?"

"No, he's aspar-tame."

Fri 21:28:52



''Meals on wheels.''


''Meals on wheels.''

''Take the can off him. He's repeating again.''

Fri 21:07:19


I stopped drinking Coca Cola when they told me to be less white.

Fri 20:43:48


"These crackers are making me thirsty."

Fri 20:43:18


Sugary drinks are for the birds.

Fri 20:41:57


Not the sexiest 11.30 cola break advert I've seen

Fri 20:35:07


“That’s the last time I heckle a magician.”

Fri 20:22:06


Bubble and squawk

Fri 20:18:32


"I'm sure this will ruffle some feathers at cola"

Fri 20:14:19


*Squawk* Piss Off!"

Pepsi and Surly

Fri 20:07:16


If you add vodka I'll say who's a pretty boy for you.

Fri 20:02:53


Not happy, he prefers a coke or two.

Fri 20:00:23


"Fizzy drinks are great but they don't half repeat on me."

Fri 20:00:10

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