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"Bloody ivory poachers"
"Bloody ivory poachers" photo | portfolio
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"Bloody ivory poachers"

Thu 12:14:56


This week on 'Man vs. Toffee'...

Thu 13:31:54


Thank you for your application Mr Smith, so why do you think you would make a good town crier?

Thu 13:01:18



Thu 12:05:06


Photo of Derek treading barefoot on a rusty nail.
Photo of Derek 2 weeks later, wishing he’d gone for that bloody tetanus injection.

Thu 12:49:13


"Uh Sir, I would recommend slicing the watermelon into segments first."

Thu 12:24:31


...and this one shows the moment his dog ran straight into his nuts.

Thu 12:04:14


''I always choose 'My Dentist'.''

Thu 14:28:40

'chews' .. a bit late, but forgive me if you were working on 'word play'. --John Glover


Thu 16:35:29


Deontay Wilder says Tyson Fury didn’t hurt him when he punched him in the mouth.

Thu 13:13:23



Thu 12:09:55


Support your Local Amish Dentist Today!

Thu 12:05:45


The world 'Stuff as many marshmallows as you can in your mouth' champion explains why he did so well.

Thu 12:00:48


"You should see him masticate."

Thu 19:22:19


"I just need to borrow your phone darling"


Thu 16:18:18


The albino elephant's got me!!

Thu 15:33:19



Thu 15:27:42


''What de f-ck is a toothbrush?''

Thu 15:26:01


Most people don't realize "Hungry Hungry Hippos" is based on a real person, Chester Stillsdorf of Lincoln, Alabama.

Thu 15:06:45


Buck Alcavity

Thu 14:58:22


"Yeh man, kids don't f*ck with me,I scare the shit out of them." said pastor Riley.

Thu 13:44:48


Fortunately, indentured servitude has since been outlawed.

Thu 13:31:15


On second thought, don't give me head.

Thu 13:25:19


"What did you give him to eat?"
"Sunflower seeds in the shell. Why?"

Thu 12:46:33


"All his neck rings just suddenly snapped."

Thu 12:33:55


When your upper and lower teeth don't match in their positions, that can be painful.

Thu 12:33:47


“I may have a big mouth, but you want to hear the misses.”

Thu 12:30:32


"He takes after his mother. She's a mad cow."

Thu 12:19:21


He looks like he's having a whale of a time.

Thu 12:07:13



Thu 12:02:40


♫ My son has got his hat on
Hip hip hippo hooray

Thu 12:00:18

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