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"Has anyone seen the Plumber?..."
"Has anyone seen the Plumber?..." photo | portfolio
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  Smuldo Vote score: 11750 Smuldo

"Has anyone seen the Plumber?..."

30/08/21 22:05:19

Tony S Vote score: 2973Tony S

"Yes dear I got the handbag for your mother."

30/08/21 20:34:43

"Don't you think she's worth more than a handbag? Go tell them the deal's off." "Um, are you sure you want to do that?" --Willie Johnson
Mark England Vote score: 18987Mark England

"Hello, I'm from Pest control. I hear you've a problem with rats"

30/08/21 21:36:26

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 4031Scrijjy Doo

"Excuse me, have you seen a baby around here?"

30/08/21 20:11:46

Al Overy Vote score: 7684Al Overy

"I thought this was the Exotic Pet Shop and all you have is one stupid crocodile?"

"No, Sir. Just behind you we also have piranha, barracuda, electric eel... Sir, Sir...? Oh dear. Someone call an ambulance."

30/08/21 20:01:26

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 5554Lucky Elperro

"Paolo, you don't need a croc for protection anymore. The Taliban are selling brand new M16s for $4.50."

30/08/21 20:56:05

Stephen Bean Vote score: 18732Stephen Bean


30/08/21 20:00:42

Willie Johnson Vote score: 3152Willie Johnson

"What alligator? There's no alligator, I'm just walking my mud puppy."

30/08/21 20:33:05

Erased mine Cap Auth, as I hate repeated jokes and wouldn't want it to get any more votes. Genuinely missed the common punchline in yours, I must have got distracted by the 'mud puppy'. --James Lennox
Dave Bryan Vote score: 16729Dave Bryan

''I brought him along because he wanted to meet the old crocs on the caption site.''

30/08/21 20:12:29

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 15971Vanessa the Guesser

Five minutes later they were laughing all the way to the bank.

30/08/21 20:54:15

alexandra ball Vote score: 1388alexandra ball

Guide dogs in Venice.

30/08/21 20:02:35

Troompa Loompa Vote score: 21856Troompa Loompa

"No, I said I wanted my bathroom retiled."

30/08/21 20:32:25

Vivvy En Vote score: 8234Vivvy En

"Come and give him a stroke, he's ever so friendly."

30/08/21 20:26:54

Nina Dutton Vote score: 899Nina Dutton

“You spoil that croc.”

30/08/21 20:17:33

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