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new entrySat 20:42:32


Some dog millionaire

new entrySat 20:03:24


But it still only has an outdoor toilet.

new entrySat 20:06:43


Spayed in Chelsea

new entrySat 20:05:14


“He’s VERY well-manored.”

new entrySat 22:24:41


His home is like his balls..Detached

new entrySat 21:19:40


"You spoil those fleas"

new entrySat 20:19:30


"And this is a picture of my dog. We spoil him rotten we do. Every day he eats Salmon for breakfast, Lobster for lunch and a 12oz fillet steak for dinner. That's his new house in our garden. Anyway, enjoy your meal...NEXT PLEASE"

"Gerald, can I have a word with you in private please. Ok look, we appreciate you volunteering to serve people in the soup kitchen here at the shelter, but could you stop telling them about your life"

new entrySat 20:07:31


"You spoil that dog."

new entrySat 20:01:49


"So, I got my doghouse all nice and they come and build that monstrosity in my back yard!"

new entrySat 20:00:26


"King Charles?"
"No, still Prince Charles, his bitch Mother hasn't died yet."

new entrySat 20:11:17


This is one doghouse he doesn't mind being in.

new entrySat 23:23:20


Keeping Up with the Currdashians

new entrySat 22:11:40


"Before you can move in the landlord said you have to be put on the leash."

new entrySat 21:14:11



new entrySat 20:55:55


"Where's the cat? Where do you think? She's inside the main house sleeping on a four poster bed next to Lady Mary's feet. I'm stuck out here because apparently my farts are bad at the moment. I've had enough. And the sprinklers are coming on in a minute. I better go in"

new entrySat 20:33:55


"What do you mean, 'you've got too much money'? Just because I've hired a guard dog to watch the Hamster's house?"

new entrySat 20:29:32


Makes a change from cats

new entrySat 20:28:16


The advantage dogs have over first time buyers is they can leave a big deposit.

new entrySat 20:27:17


One Dog and His Mansion

new entrySat 20:23:04


''Do you want to buy it?''

''Yes, I'll leave a deposit.''

new entrySat 20:07:31


“This is the caption me cat house. They are so famous now. I’m their guard dog.”

new entrySat 20:02:44


Rich bitch

new entrySat 20:00:08


Hound of the Baskervillas

new entrySat 20:00:06


What’s for dinner?
Oh we always eat Pal at the Palace.

new entry8:40:12



new entry8:25:20


"This is my house. No, the big one. I'm just visiting my owner who farted in bed after eating beans with lots of garlic."

new entrySat 23:57:52


Guarden dog

new entrySat 22:29:27


Three words: Plastic chew toys.

new entrySat 22:13:29


Lifestyles of the Bitch and Famous

new entrySat 22:09:38


Is he stalking the Pussy cat dolls house again?

new entrySat 21:54:57


Keeping up with the Kardogshians

new entrySat 21:41:31


Kennel Jenner

new entrySat 21:35:38


Even after having been rehomed Fred West's puppy couldn't stop burying bones in the cellar.

new entrySat 21:32:45


'At 8 o'clock, see how Sue and Dave react when they come home to find out their house has shrunk in Beagles About'

new entrySat 21:31:58


"I came all the way from Romania via the English Channel to the UK, well I've got 4 pups so I was hoping for something a bit bigger."

new entrySat 21:02:43


The grand kenal.

new entrySat 20:53:33


A mansion's best friend.

new entrySat 20:47:16


Welcome to Barking

new entrySat 20:46:13


When you are proud of yourself spending all weekend with a cardboard box and some toilet rolls doing your kids homework project and their is always some kid walking into school carrying this.

new entrySat 20:45:49


Straytly home

new entrySat 20:44:46


"Oh, she's so cute. What's her name?"

new entrySat 20:43:05


Rich Pad, Paw Pad

new entrySat 20:33:50


It's nice to have a woof over your head.

new entrySat 20:33:00


"One has just popped out to drag one's arse across the lawn"

new entrySat 20:32:02


Litter House on the prairie.

new entrySat 20:31:04


Hound of the BarkerVillas

new entrySat 20:21:58


DIY Rescue Dog

new entrySat 20:16:25


"I thought you were meant to be a watch dog and warn me when my wife was coming so that she not catch me with the cleaner now I really am in the dog house."

new entrySat 20:16:10


"This week, on 'Where Are They Now?': the dog from Duck Hunt."

new entrySat 20:14:39


That's one F*ck Kennel dog house.

new entrySat 20:13:17


Doggy style.

new entrySat 20:13:13


Investigators suspect Spot the Ball winner had inside information.

new entrySat 20:12:29


A Room With a Shih Tsu.

new entrySat 20:11:54


"You spoil that North Korean."

new entrySat 20:10:21


The Beverly Vizslabillies.

new entrySat 20:07:10


The beagle has landed ... on his paws.

new entrySat 20:05:07


It looks nice but I don't have room to swing a cat in there.

new entrySat 20:05:06


The West Highland Wing.

new entrySat 20:02:28

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