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Ok I shall stop feeding them now says Captain Hook
Ok I shall stop feeding them now says Captain Hook photo | portfolio
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Ok I shall stop feeding them now says Captain Hook

Sat 20:23:59


Colonel Saunders says these pigeons are finger nicking good.

Sat 20:25:50

Snapdragon. This isn't my site so I can't tell you what your warnings are for. If it was my site, you wouldn't necessarily get warnings for specific words, but you would get a warning for what seems to be a constant attempt at causing arguments... --The Wolf

There once was a man called Bob,
Who lost his finger in a pigeon's gob,
Instead of feeling sad,
He said he was glad,
He hadn't tried feeding it with his nob.

Sat 21:16:29


"Maybe mixing pigeon and velociraptor DNA wasn't such a good idea."

Sat 20:05:33


Finger Food

Sat 20:04:49


Nudists warned to take extra care.

Sat 20:03:17


"Hey Anon, can you feed the pigeons?"

Sat 20:04:48


"Feed the birds, tuppence a bandage."

Sat 20:00:17


So that's how Coo Hand Luke got his name.

Sat 20:00:08


My mate lost two of his fingers but did not notice until he said goodnight to his boss.

Sun 7:29:39


"Last time I pee outside.'

Sun 2:30:21


“They’re indigitous.”

Sun 2:14:57


Bit harsh, couldn't you just fine them instead?

Sat 22:45:08


This is 100% accurate. I've always found that the most effective way to lose your fingers in a bird is by feeding her first.

Sat 21:02:15


Stole pigeon

Sat 20:44:13


And just when I thought being blind couldn't get any worse, I lost 7 fingers whilst eating a bag of chips.

Sat 20:30:58

Oooh... sorry, those weren't chips. --SnapDragon D

I made the mistake of wearing sandals and got pigeon-toed.

Sat 20:07:14

Took me years to train my pigeon to fetch phone numbers from pretty girls. To my horror, I now realize, I shouldn't have used the word Digits! --SnapDragon D

"Serves you right for giving him the bird."

Sat 20:03:52


Even pigeons are going digital

Sun 14:54:07

Cut and paste. --Willie Johnson

Rule of thumb

Sat 23:36:17


It was all going so well until Dave Allen told Speckled Jim that one about the nun and the bishop. His jokes always were a bit near the knuckle.

Sat 21:49:23


Feed a Swan lose an arm

Sat 21:27:34

This just in: The record company who signed Flock of Seagulls has been forced into foreclosure.  --SnapDragon D

Beware of the Bobbitt pigeon!

Sat 21:02:14


(Unless) you feed them with bread soaked in sherbet and Coca cola. Then your fingers are fine and it's absolutely hilarious.

Sat 20:49:59


My homing pigeon arrived with a finger wearing an engagement ring. I was so touched.. We're soon to be married.

Sat 20:38:38


That's why you don't feed the pigeons next to a shots bar!

Sat 20:29:26


"That's a bit extremity."

Sat 20:27:39


Well known pigeon feeder Winston Churchill's statue stands defiantly

Sat 20:22:00

I must be turning into a politician, I'm inadvertently grooming the people for votes --Glyn Evans

Sharia law Comes to London

Sat 20:17:48


That's putting the cut amongst the pigeons.

Sat 20:16:38


Tarantino rumoured to do Hitchcock remake.

Sat 20:10:24


The restaurant owner claimed that the majority of bird feeders gave him the finger.

Sat 20:08:09


Twit err

Sat 20:07:14


....then I’ll shit on your head!

Sat 20:01:28


Then they'll have a knuckle sandwich.

Sat 20:01:25


Alexa Do pigeons have teeth ?

new entry16:15:41


Gain a feathered friend.

Sun 14:36:25


"Feed a pigeon, lose a finger"
Sounds like a deal I can't refuse! Where do I sign up?
Is that anything like "buy one, get one free"?

Sun 8:53:34



Sun 3:26:28


...and so a lifelong aeroplane-based feud developed between the pigeon and Muttley's owner.

Sat 23:10:14


Feed the flock,
Lose your cock.

Sat 22:41:29


"I giving him my chip butty, but he taking my thumb!"
-Pigeon fing-wich

Sat 21:04:32


"I'll give it the back of back hand if it tries to bite my finger."

Sat 20:52:59


"Is it ok to feed a pigeon a fish finger?"

Sat 20:48:15


If that pigeon touches my Kit Kat

Sat 20:46:45


A no trills sign.

Sat 20:44:06


Feed the pigeon, lose a finger...feed fat Brenda,lose your virginity.

Sat 20:11:41


v tj;sjstib usi;spfdjltrjyepjjbm;pj;mbpjbmb;

[Excerpt from The Angry Bird Feeder]

Sat 20:11:19

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