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The book was so good she couldnt put it down, unlike her dog who is off to the vets in the morning.
The book was so good she couldnt put it down, unlike her dog who is off to the vets in the morning. photo | portfolio
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I feel like burying one, if you know what I mean..


Mauris, if by that you mean this is an old joke, I don't recall ever hearing it before. I was trying to think of what a dog would want to listen to and it led to this... It might not seem creative for you but it did for me.

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It looks like a bona fido new caption to me.


No, that wasn't my meaning at all. Of course your caption is great. Happy actually, to find you didn't get the gist of my comment. How refreshing to see there are a few minds remaining, which aren't so puerile & perverse.

Mine, sadly, was similar to this old saw...

"Old Mother Hubbard,
Went to the cupboard,
To get her poor dog a bone.
When she bent over,
Old Rover drove her,
Cause he had a bone of his own!"


Yours was much better... perhaps bestiality with rape, isn't that funny after all... although it sure worked in The Revenant.


Oh, of course, sorry Mauris, I get it now and thank you for the vote! I think I've been playing too much Sudoku today.

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The idea of the dog, eagerly listening to a book about digging up bones, is delightful. I should have voted sooner.


When I first started doing Sudoku it used to take me the best part of an hour to complete a puzzle. When I eventually managed to do an online one in ten minutes I felt really good about myself and was eager to see how my speed compared to that of everyone else. The result? 95.4 per cent did it faster. sad face That's when I joined


As of yet, I've never played a single game of Sudoku. Not even sure how. I think every line has to add up to 9; diagonals, verticals & horizontals? Sounds like a nightmare.

However, watching 8 Out Of 10 Cats Plays Countdown, I'm starting to love the number quizzes more than the word ones. The math woman they have on there is amazing, a calculating wizard. Just think, a few hundred years ago in Britain, she'd be burned as a witch.


Sudoku is torture Mauris, don't be tempted to have a go. I've been doing it for 2 weeks after having a go over 10 years ago and giving up. I'm nowhere near as fast as Karyn yet. I think I've only done a couple of easy ones in less than twenty minutes so far. My girlfriend is a genius at it and did a hard one the other day in 6 minutes. I started off writing every possible number in the boxes which got really confusing and now try to write as little as possible in. Today I studied x wings, y wings and xyz wings on and developed brain freeze when I tried learning about chains...

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