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🎵 I came in like a raccoon ball
🎵 I came in like a raccoon ball photo | portfolio
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Mr Dome  Vote score: 11626Mr Dome

🎵 I came in like a raccoon ball

20/02/21 14:01:38

Al Overy Vote score: 5381Al Overy

"You know that 'rare cat' you bought online during lockdown..."

20/02/21 12:31:46

It was in disguise. --Willie Johnson
Stephen Bean Vote score: 16097Stephen Bean

"Stop fussing Mum, I trust this human. Look at the lovely blue ball he's given me. I won't hear another bad word said about Davy Crockett."

20/02/21 12:27:10

Tony S Vote score: 1881Tony S

The football skills of Wayne Raccooney

20/02/21 12:26:41

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 5239Lucky Elperro

I don't care if I'm on the naughty step all day. You're not getting it back.

20/02/21 18:44:17

Mark Wilson Vote score: 3006Mark Wilson

...Thus hydrogen and oxygen may be present in any arbitrary proportions in mechanical mixtures ... guys I can't make this any simpler for you without you taking your shoes and socks off!

20/02/21 15:57:28

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 3577Scrijjy Doo


20/02/21 12:03:49

Nice one Scrijjy! Had me imagining the panicking parents. --Stephen Bean
Vivvy En Vote score: 7503Vivvy En

"Hey mum, look what popped up in the trash."
♪ I'm a bin ball wizard ♪

20/02/21 15:48:40

"but that's beside the fact..." (let's see if any anally retentive lyric Nazis correct me) --Glyn Evans
alexandra ball Vote score: 1195alexandra ball

Karen's neighbour Dave said now we know who's been stealing stuff from the gardens she said even my knickers off the line? Dave replied, yea yea, must've been the raccoon did that too

20/02/21 13:29:21

Tony Edwards Vote score: 33919Tony Edwards

Masquerade ball

20/02/21 12:15:22

Dave Bryan Vote score: 14442Dave Bryan

''Since humans went into lockdown I've been having a ball.''

20/02/21 12:09:41

Mauris Iocus Vote score: 386Mauris Iocus

Get a coon!

20/02/21 16:08:35

Tony Edwards Vote score: 33919Tony Edwards

"Beware of raccoons bearing gifts."

20/02/21 12:36:50

Endeavour 2 Persevere Vote score: 123Endeavour 2 Persevere

Police baffled by spate of seemingly hypnotised guard dogs.

20/02/21 12:30:04

Endeavour 2 Persevere Vote score: 123Endeavour 2 Persevere

Notorious photo bomber caught in the act

20/02/21 12:17:54

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 14943Vanessa the Guesser

"I love Saturday mornings. Waking up late, bright eyed and bushy tailed after playing with my balls."

20/02/21 12:09:50

Greg Curtis Vote score: 6675Greg Curtis


20/02/21 12:05:17

Original raccoon jokes. Please contact --Dave Bryan
Michael Winner Vote score: 24152Michael Winner

"Damn- how did you know it was me? I had the mask and everything."

20/02/21 21:21:40

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11844Neil Mackenzie

He doesn’t identify as a Racoon he thinks of his self as a Robin bastard.

20/02/21 18:27:32

John  Glover Vote score: 21525John Glover

He's just racoonoitering.

20/02/21 16:41:09

Endeavour 2 Persevere Vote score: 123Endeavour 2 Persevere

Vote for me.

20/02/21 16:39:43

Barrie Bullock Vote score: 697Barrie Bullock

Rocket, the early years.

20/02/21 15:37:31

Ellen Duncalf Vote score: 901Ellen Duncalf

You can’t seriously think that this is going to keep me occupied for more than 20 seconds.

20/02/21 13:48:01

Troompa Loompa Vote score: 20731Troompa Loompa


20/02/21 13:32:41

Mark England Vote score: 18102Mark England

As a young boy, Davy Crockett loved to play with his Hat and Ball

(Nod to 12:27:10)

20/02/21 13:27:13

Glyn Evans Vote score: 7933Glyn Evans

"The Guardians say that he's a rocket, but I don't see anything arugula here"

20/02/21 12:32:38

Dave Bryan Vote score: 14442Dave Bryan

''Hey, you with the camera - How would you describe your marriage?''

''Rocky, raccoon.''

20/02/21 12:26:36

Ian Skelding Vote score: 24892Ian Skelding

"Head it with your forehead not the bridge of your nose Son."

20/02/21 12:23:40

Endeavour 2 Persevere Vote score: 123Endeavour 2 Persevere


20/02/21 12:09:18

Ian Skelding Vote score: 24892Ian Skelding

6 across: North American animal.
"I cant think of it, 7 letters, first letter R, last letter n. I can see two Fish, a paw print, a Hare I think and that's about it."

20/02/21 12:07:58

Molly R Vote score: 2789Molly R

"I can do what I like during lockdown - I've got a face mask, and I'm a footballer."

20/02/21 12:00:06

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