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"Ok, who thinks Yoko is a bunny boiling bitch?"
"Ok, who thinks Yoko is a bunny boiling bitch?" photo | portfolio
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"Ok, who thinks Yoko is a bunny boiling bitch?"

Sat 20:10:13

Even John half agrees. --Peter Houle

Hands up if you think you will out live John

Sat 20:06:46


"Who's the best drummer in your band?"

Sat 20:03:58

Ringo was good, but he wasn't Best. --Willie Johnson

♪ "You say goodbye and I say hello." ♪

Sat 20:01:49


Does anyone need some Help?

Sat 20:38:45


“...interesting that they almost named the band, ‘Mostly In Sync’.”

Sun 2:27:35


"A ticket to ride please."

Sat 21:35:50


"I saw her standing there, first!"

Sat 21:34:13


''Look, John, isn't that The Wolf getting off the plane.''

Sat 20:11:04


"I think the spray worked. Some of them are waggling their limbs in the air."

Sat 20:03:14


"Hands up you lot, who wants to be in a new good looking fab four beat group?......not quite so fast Ringo"

Sat 20:02:38


Who wants to hold my hand?

Sun 23:59:23


Back then the lads from Liverpool were given a rapturous welcome. Today someone would of said Liverpool was linked to the slave trade and they might of been thrown in the harbour.

Sun 8:33:22


“This in favor, say 🎶 “Yeah! Yeah! yeah!’”

Sun 0:27:48


All you need is glove

Sat 22:37:02


How will I recognize you?
(* Thank you, I'll be here all week for your flogging pleasure.)

Sat 21:42:35

Getting a vote would be a hard sell --Mr Dome

There used to be a band in the 1950's called the Quarrymen. I wonder what happened to them.

Sat 21:33:23


"Hello mum."

Sat 21:05:20


When I said the four in front should group together I wasn't expecting quite the outcome.

Sat 21:00:19


"Over here, Ma'am. Never mind this daft wanker. I'll be the one to hold your hand."

Sat 20:58:44


Beetle loose

Sat 20:54:01


Welcome John Paul, are the others connected to the church?

Sat 20:40:43


"You can leave your cap at home now, John, your busking days are over."

Sat 20:38:27


It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves them.

Sat 20:35:26


“Christianity will go, it will vanish and shrink. We’re more popular than Jesus now."

"Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave."

Sat 20:32:31

"We're more popular than Jesus." "What did you say your names were?" --Willie Johnson

"Who would like some strawberry jelly and chocolate chip ice cream with hundreds and thousands and extra chocolate sprinkles on top?"

John was always the most rock and roll in the band.

Sat 20:23:34


"Hands up if you've fingered John's sister?"

Sat 20:20:55


"Who likes James Brown?"

Sat 20:19:55


We won't steal anything, Scouse honour

Sat 20:17:46


🎵...In our yellow Submarine,
And we lived
Beneath the waves... 🎵

Sat 20:08:10

The waves of Covid? --Willie Johnson

"Which one of you is the walrus?"

Sat 20:04:19


"Hey Jude."

Sat 20:04:04


"Bagsy front seat!"

Sat 20:03:42


Three out of four people blame the Chinese - Imagine that

Sat 20:01:49


”Welcome to America. All those who are up for a Big Mac raise your hand.”

Sat 20:00:32

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