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wE haVe aNon. WE sEnd yOU aNOn'S tyPeWriTer 2 shOw yoU hOw SERIous wE aRe. dON't cONtacT tHe rOZZers. wE wANt 4 mILLIon IN uNmarKED bIlls. WE wiLL coNTAct yoU wITh fUTure INSTrucTIONs

Me received this this morning. No wonder it was so difficult to find Anon. Anon's not really been kidnapped, Me bets that Anon's pretending again because it's the start of the month and Methinks this is a sneaky way for Anon to pay off the bills. Me doesn't even know why they'd address the ransom note to Me, do they think that Me is some type of sucker? - Me wonders if the next letter Me receives will be from Anon claiming to be a Nigerian prince...


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