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Look at the size of his winkle!!
Look at the size of his winkle!! photo | portfolio
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Look at the size of his winkle!!

Thu 8:20:36


Well owl be clammed.

Thu 8:33:08


"We shell find them on the beaches," said Winston Churchowl

Thu 10:58:16


"I was taken from my home, my insides scooped out, thrown into boiling water and covered in superglue. Can you blame me for looking shellshocked?"

Thu 9:03:25


"I don't think captioning has affected my friendships. Meet Shelly, she's my best friend."

Thu 8:24:59


"I tried to win over a girl in the office with this gift, but she rejected my advances.
I was a twit to woo her."

Thu 8:09:04


"I keep this, because it reminds me of my former girlfriend."

"Why, because she had huge lovely eyes."

"No, she had a habit of spewing up food pellets."

Thu 8:06:44


A flight for shore eyes

Thu 8:13:52


What kind of owl is it?


Thu 8:00:08


This could be a Ogygoptynx fossil. An extinct genius of Owl, dated to the late wait there’s something on the bottom SCARBOROUGH 1974.

Thu 10:31:32


Pooh thinks there's something seriously wrong with Owl because he smells sea shells by the Eeyore.

Thu 8:28:55


''Surfin' Bird''

Thu 8:08:07


Bird of spray

Thu 8:04:33


The Salt Seas Falcon

Thu 13:01:47


“I went to Specsavers”

Thu 11:25:47


Oh yeah, I went to sea with a pussycat, you should see the state of him now.

Thu 10:00:03


"Is that my shell you're on?"
"No, she's over there sunbathing."

Thu 9:32:53


Wise owl conchous of mollusc and crustacean housing shortage

Thu 9:06:07


Tu-Whitby Tu-Woolacombe

Thu 9:05:09



Thu 9:02:22


Happy Anniversary babe.

Thu 8:43:37


Amy wouldn't make her little sister an owl no matter how much she cried. But Amy's always been shellfish that way

Thu 8:42:31


Crafty Owl

Thu 8:38:52


The owl and the pieceoftat.

Thu 8:31:58


He certainly turned my head.

Thu 8:23:07


I fell on this bastard and got a torn knee.

Thu 8:11:19



Thu 8:09:15


"Anyone seen a pussycat in a pea-green boat?"

Thu 8:07:39


Hogwarts & Crafts

Thu 8:04:51


Not a caption-
just a question for our thursday morning listeners

What is the most wide spread owl in the uk??

Thu 8:03:12

Is it the one that hit the windscreen? --Neil Mackenzie

Why shell out on dumb ornaments?

Thu 8:01:17


Beware the owl-eating snails.

Thu 8:01:14



Thu 8:00:49

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