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Despite being heroic in two battles, he was not very well decorated
Despite being heroic in two battles, he was not very well decorated photo | portfolio
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Mr Dome  Vote score: 10836Mr Dome

Despite being heroic in two battles, he was not very well decorated

03/01/21 13:12:17

Patel Jayesh Vote score: 11Patel Jayesh

Hope nobody notices the stolen Death Star plans around my neck.

03/01/21 15:26:03

Dot Old Vote score: 1328Dot Old


03/01/21 12:17:37

Stephen Bean Vote score: 13821Stephen Bean


03/01/21 12:08:25

Stephen Bean Vote score: 13821Stephen Bean

Store Wars

03/01/21 12:05:02

Molly R Vote score: 2347Molly R

The Ghost of Sithmas Past.

03/01/21 12:01:43

Stu Dent Vote score: 4945Stu Dent

Bauble Fett

03/01/21 12:00:08

Stephen Bean Vote score: 13821Stephen Bean

"I'm here to wish you all a Finn-tastic 2021!"

03/01/21 12:23:47

Ellen Duncalf Vote score: 528Ellen Duncalf

The moment when you think things can’t get any worse and someone ties a live grenade round your neck disguised as a bauble.

03/01/21 12:22:22

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 7407Hercules Rockefeller

The only thing he misses more than all his shots is his family.

03/01/21 12:12:34

Chris Halliwell Vote score: 5291Chris Halliwell

May the Parcel Force be with you.

03/01/21 14:11:22

Mark England Vote score: 17594Mark England

A little known fact is that all Stormtroopers are played by actors from Nordic countries. They get labelled, so that they can take directions in their mother tongue

03/01/21 13:29:48

That's a good point, how many characters in the Star Wars Universe are polyglots? I know some rely on technology because C-3PO can speak different languages. So if there's 6,500 different languages spoken on our planet, then applied to the Star ... --Glyn Evans
Mark Wilson Vote score: 2197Mark Wilson

"We need to toughen that kid up, does he really need all that on to go skateboarding"

03/01/21 13:02:54

Glyn Evans Vote score: 7319Glyn Evans

"It's always around Christmas time that I think to myself, who do I really want to side with? The good murderers or the bad murderers?"

03/01/21 13:01:13

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 13856Vanessa the Guesser

By January 3rd most people have sabered up.

03/01/21 12:15:43

Stephen Paterson Vote score: 3309Stephen Paterson

After the office christmas party, the only thing that he could remember was, wishing he had bought the first order of drinks. Still feeling dipsy, Poe feared he had went laa-laa with his tinky winky.

04/01/21 17:07:13

Peter Houle Vote score: 105Peter Houle

Their armour is only ornamental.

03/01/21 21:35:58

Glyn Evans Vote score: 7319Glyn Evans

"So that's it, the Rebels want to start their own Empire so they can rule the Galaxy? No wonder I want to join them. It'd be such an easy switch too, one Empire for another. And I'd be the most wonderful Christmas gift, I mean they do love their recruits. They can't get enough of them"

03/01/21 20:22:13

It's the crucial thing about Empire builders, they always need People. Can't have an Empire without People. Even if they have to clone them! --Glyn Evans
Al Overy Vote score: 2855Al Overy

Daft Mall

03/01/21 20:05:20

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 11358Neil Mackenzie

Empire Store’s Window.

03/01/21 19:08:10

Tamsin Boldick Tamsin Boldick

"It's like a bad movie, she's looking though me, trying to be the girl all the bad guys want."

03/01/21 18:17:02

Anthony Smith Vote score: 102Anthony Smith

I'm just a holographic reflection!

03/01/21 16:19:41

Vivvy En Vote score: 6979Vivvy En

The time the mannequins shat themselves...

03/01/21 15:08:21

Dot Old Vote score: 1328Dot Old

"Skyscraper? No one told me anything about Skyscraper! I’m getting outta here!”

03/01/21 12:31:21

Ian Skelding Vote score: 23582Ian Skelding

"I reckon that thing hanging around his neck is a Huckleberry ...... I love Charades."

03/01/21 12:17:20

Glyn Evans Vote score: 7319Glyn Evans

"Santa has become a pawn and face for the Empire. He's like the Emperor, but the Christmas Emperor. He must be stopped"

Finn's a Rebel Without a Claus.

03/01/21 12:10:54

Tony Edwards Vote score: 33135Tony Edwards

The Phantom Dennis

03/01/21 12:04:48

Ian Skelding Vote score: 23582Ian Skelding

These Stormtroopers, they never finish anything they started.

03/01/21 12:04:09

For an army, you'd expect them to be more organised than that. But they never are. It's no wonder the Death Star's not finished in Return of the Jedi.  --Glyn Evans
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