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Tom Cruise was the perfect height for Nicole
Tom Cruise was the perfect height for Nicole photo | portfolio
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Tom Cruise was the perfect height for Nicole

Wed 8:53:57


When meeting the woman of your dreams, never read her your captions.

Wed 8:14:54


Release the bulls.

Wed 8:49:56


You're such a mystery, such an enigma. I don't even know your favourite colour...

Wed 8:07:44


How to make narcolepsy look sexy.

Wed 9:58:05


Someone stole her flake!

Wed 8:00:27


When her grandma said she now looks like a hooker she stopped visiting.

Wed 9:42:13


Simply Red

Wed 9:19:47


Oh My God!! I needed this wee

Wed 8:35:34


Little red riding good.

Wed 14:25:25


Get the wet look.

Wed 9:25:53


Ruby Wednesday?

Wed 8:44:55


♪you might as well face it your addicted to...... red♪

Wed 8:27:38


She's particularly well red.

Wed 8:22:12


Everyone sleeps on the red eye flight.

Wed 18:41:15


♫ When you're feeling blue ....

Wed 15:43:07


Period Piece

Wed 14:18:22


- Helen Reddy is still making music?
- Well, not any more. She fell asleep.

Wed 10:47:49


"Did we overdo it with the lip gloss?"
"Considering she was a blonde with a beige jacket in front of a white wall, I'd say yes."

Wed 10:46:38


🎵 Whole Lotta Rosie

Wed 10:05:25


"This collar is sooo stiff!

Wed 9:45:46


Fire Blankets; worth keeping around you at all times

Wed 9:33:42


Red hot

Wed 9:30:25


Yep,this time Del Boy,your on to something real big,these new Sex Dolls will make a mint,this time next year,you could be a millionaire

Wed 9:02:10


"That's not Colonel Mustard..."

Wed 8:47:07


Does anyone know how to clean a keyboard?

Wed 8:38:05


I only said she may have overdone it with the colour - She went beetroot.

Wed 8:31:39


Ok, we get it. You want to borrow some money.

Wed 8:23:44


How can she wear Christmas decorations and still everyone wants to shag her?

Wed 8:23:39


Ah woman in green.
Sorry. Excuse me. I’m colour blind. Do you mind if I use brail.
Ahh yes! The raised bumps around the nipples definitely read red.

Wed 8:17:21


Dignitas offers a special service to anyone with a latex allergy.

Wed 8:16:58


Despite being dyslexic, Gloria was well red.

Wed 8:16:50


This photo is boring, except for the earrings.

Wed 8:15:42


Estelle's career was in ruins, as nobody was making 1940s French movies any more.

Wed 8:08:26


My dream girl

Wed 8:08:20


Scarlet O'Hara

Wed 8:07:33


You look knackered. Been painting the town again?

Wed 8:06:00


🎵 Lady in red is dancing with me, fast asleep🎵

Wed 8:04:43


🎵 The lady in red

Wed 8:04:40


Standing on her own backstage, she looked marooned.

Wed 8:04:29


♪ Red red whine... ♪

Wed 8:02:31


Dressing like that she made a cardinal sin.

Wed 8:02:26


She needed a hairbrush, not an air brush

Wed 8:01:32


Queen Crimson

Wed 8:00:47


Carmine Miranda

Wed 8:00:46


Fifty Shades of Red

Wed 8:00:18


Sleeping Beauty

Wed 8:00:04

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