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"Any idea whos behind this??"
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Anthony Smith Vote score: 66Anthony Smith

"Any idea who's behind this??"

24/01/19 12:36:18

Humpty Dumpty? --Karyn Harrison
The Wolf Vote score: 3276The Wolf

"I'd love to be a fly on the wall... Second thoughts, maybe not with the SWAT team around"

24/01/19 9:09:37

Vivvy En Vote score: 4266Vivvy En

"Can we arrest a wall, Sarge?"
"Well, it is causing an obstruction."

24/01/19 8:11:33

You're welcome. I just think this works better. --Karyn Harrison
Chris Keegan Vote score: 5992Chris Keegan

Having raided a local brothel, Officer Briggs is shown the purpose of a glory hole to the amusement of his colleagues.

24/01/19 10:52:37

stone face Vote score: 4498stone face

"I told you! Guarding this Mexico wall would border pants of you."

24/01/19 8:41:11

Dave Bryan Vote score: 4697Dave Bryan

The Four Cops

24/01/19 8:00:46

James Lennox Vote score: 2349James Lennox

As police we never discriminate. Just ask shorty baldy stumpy here.

24/01/19 9:49:35

The Wolf Vote score: 3276The Wolf

A few spare coppers

24/01/19 8:22:31

Dave Bryan Vote score: 4697Dave Bryan

''Don't Stand So Close To Me.''

24/01/19 8:11:35

Hat-trick, Dave? --Karyn Harrison
Dave Bryan Vote score: 4697Dave Bryan

''We've eradicated all the crime in the area, Sarge. What shall we do now?''

''Police yourselves.''

24/01/19 8:03:51

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 2373Karyn Harrison

Brothers in law

24/01/19 8:00:17

Welsh Rarebit Vote score: 36357Welsh Rarebit

In the line of duty

24/01/19 8:00:05

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 9258Neil Mackenzie

They didn’t like even numbers because they couldn’t work out who was the piggy in the middle.

24/01/19 22:00:52

Sam Cass Vote score: 652Sam Cass

Hawall-e Five-o

24/01/19 21:09:20

James Lennox Vote score: 2349James Lennox

Just keep your hands up bear. We're not arresting you for the glasses, it's all that shitting in the woods.

24/01/19 20:51:57

larry G. Vote score: 1299larry G.

"Is that donut jelly on your gun handle?"

24/01/19 18:03:51

Scrappy Doo Vote score: 934Scrappy Doo

Stop resisting!

24/01/19 13:31:55


Mr Tickle gets slapped

24/01/19 11:39:12

G fj Vote score: 483G fj

"Eh no Sarge, that isn't what we mean by concrete evidence"

24/01/19 11:28:03

John  Glover Vote score: 19182John Glover

"Evidently it was painted by someone called Blanksy."
(Nod to 8:14:49)

24/01/19 10:57:39

John  Glover Vote score: 19182John Glover

Did you get the artist's impression of the graffiti artist?"
"Yeh, but drew a blank."

24/01/19 10:56:31

Carey Sutton Vote score: 646Carey Sutton

Queuing for Doughnuts.

24/01/19 10:43:18

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 12682Dan Nicholls

Four fans wait eagerly outside Sting's house, hoping for an autograph.

24/01/19 9:39:52

Spycenwolf  Vote score: 874Spycenwolf

"P'lice state the purpose of your visit."

24/01/19 9:28:48

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 8625Vanessa the Guesser

"This wall's dangerous, it's beginning to crumble."
"Let's take it into custardy."

24/01/19 9:01:37

Dave Bryan Vote score: 4697Dave Bryan

''Have you solved the case yet?''

''No, Sarge, we've been banging our heads against a brick wall.''

24/01/19 8:42:01

stone face Vote score: 4498stone face

"See, President Trump is right - walls stop everything."
"Ermm Sarge looks like something's coming out of this tunnel!"

24/01/19 8:31:43

The Wolf Vote score: 3276The Wolf

Old Bill...steve,frank and tony

24/01/19 8:29:35

Glyn Evans Vote score: 5509Glyn Evans

That's an impressive Banksy.

24/01/19 8:19:49

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 5684Hercules Rockefeller

Blue Butts

24/01/19 8:12:08

James Lennox Vote score: 2349James Lennox

Why is it that when you line up at the urinal there's always some smartass who pisses non-handed?

24/01/19 8:10:26

stone face Vote score: 4498stone face

Cop on the left -"Do you really think it's that small guys?"

24/01/19 8:05:47

Molly R Vote score: 968Molly R

OK, so we were driving at 60mph on the wrong side of the road and killed a pedestrian. That's no reason to make us stand in the corner!

24/01/19 8:05:07

Ian Skelding Vote score: 20805Ian Skelding

A cop out

24/01/19 8:00:31

The Wolf Vote score: 3276The Wolf

As austerity kicked in, Police budgets and resources were stretched to breaking point. But that wouldn't stop them from hunting down 12 year old Sammy for stealing an apple from his neighbours garden.

24/01/19 8:00:27

Mark England Vote score: 15133Mark England

Police Lineup

24/01/19 8:00:20

stone face Vote score: 4498stone face

"Don't worry you'll get used to it Jeff. Pissing on the minorities during an arrest, is just part of the job mate."

24/01/19 8:00:17

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