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"I knew £1 was too good to be true for a cheap flight."
"I knew £1 was too good to be true for a cheap flight." photo | portfolio
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"I knew £1 was too good to be true for a cheap flight."

Mon 12:06:33


Mobility scooter my arse. I haven't moved for days.

Mon 12:01:11


"She wanted to do it before she died. Didn't know it would be JUST before..."

Mon 12:19:52


"Why are toilets for the disabled so bloody small?"

Mon 12:07:11


The Queen never quite got over losing her private helicopter.

Mon 12:00:47


"Sad. She refused to get off...SEVENTY YEARS ago."

Mon 12:15:22


Happy Chopper

Mon 13:12:01


"Time to pull the plug."

Mon 12:20:56


Is anyone else sick of these novelty coffins?

Mon 21:21:05


Gran Theft Auto

Mon 12:29:41


Well it did say recycle your old bags here Love.

Mon 12:08:31


A Gran Day Out

Mon 12:00:37


It's time they revoked Granny's driver's licence.

Mon 20:38:20


Recycling the elderly has never been more convenient. Introducing the Crush Granny 9000.

Mon 14:21:03


Marty!! Did you remember the flux capacitor?

Mon 12:35:17


We only brought Nan along for the ride.

Mon 12:22:46


Gran is off her trolley

Mon 12:04:58


D'you think we'd better get her out? She's been in there for a very, very long time.

Mon 12:00:18


"He was a good salesman. That's all I can say!!"

new entry11:09:05


Everyone felt sorry for Grandma but what about the two year old she sat on.

Tue 7:41:59


"I dropped my dentures."

Mon 18:53:54


NHS solve the bed crisis.

Mon 17:52:59


I'm sure my smart car wasn't this small

Mon 17:33:20


Shopper in a chopper.

Mon 17:20:19


"Funny place to practice Gynaecology?"

Mon 15:46:46


"Bloody heli, this isn't a good place for a knees up at all!"

Mon 15:26:31


Why seniors should play video games.

Mon 12:17:48


Nan enjoys a pleasure ride after a big shop.

Mon 12:13:07


It's about this time of day that Nan pops on her costume and pretends she's a rhubarb and custard sweet.

Mon 12:07:25


''Which AA did you call out, gran?''

Mon 12:06:00


"Please help! Some hoodlums have vandalized my car!"

Mon 12:04:14


''I can't find anything in the manual about this red light.''

Mon 12:01:48


Penny Arcade

Mon 12:01:20


''How have you been today, gran?''

''A bit up and down.''

Mon 12:00:49


Gran is no longer a member of the Rotory Club.

Mon 12:00:44


It's a kiddy Ride not a Biddy Rides.

Mon 12:00:09


Second childhood.

Mon 12:00:08

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