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Chute to Kill
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Chute to Kill

Thu 20:00:38


Jamaican bobsled team training facility

Thu 20:14:52


Skateboarder attempts a half-pipe.

Thu 20:12:00


Roller coaster

Thu 20:00:03


🎶 He was a skater boy she said see you later boy

Unfortunately she didn't as he misjudged a bend and fell 80 feet to his death

Thu 21:13:05


Dry run

Thu 20:05:36


"Fetch the hosepipe, Mrs Gulliver. I'll deal with these pesky guttersnipe Lilliputians."

Thu 20:42:04


Billy no skates

Thu 20:40:03


Channel funnel

Thu 20:36:01


♪ Hill and Gully Rider ♪

Thu 20:35:24

♫ Hill and gully rider ...? perhaps. --John Glover

The Ryan Air flight is now boarding.

Thu 20:27:10


A rebel with a course.

Thu 20:03:29


Water Parkour

Thu 20:01:11


♪ Follow the yellow slick road

Thu 20:01:04


Water Board

Thu 20:00:07



new entrySat 19:09:24


Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Fri 8:58:04


Hugh Tube

Fri 5:31:27


Yellow was chosen to hide all the urine stains.

Fri 2:31:59


In was really shocked when the doctor showed me this photo of my lower intestine.

Thu 22:14:03


"Time to teach the cheeky git a lesson. Quick turn the water on "

Thu 21:10:28



Thu 20:52:26


Crouching skater cheating girlfriend below.

Thu 20:49:00


Ramp scamp

Thu 20:38:50


Phony Hawk

Thu 20:36:14


That last bump caused his dreadlock spikes to fly off

Thu 20:34:36


Kevin never practices anywhere else, he has a one track mind.

Thu 20:27:54


Ridin' the Golden Highway

Thu 20:27:45


Pee World

Thu 20:26:53


Ironically, he didn't slip even once while skating on the giant banana peel.

Thu 20:24:00


Meets, chutes and leaves.

Thu 20:17:43


Flow Salah

Thu 20:14:19


Helter skater.

Thu 20:13:39


"Oi, there's a shite restriction on this ride."

Thu 20:13:01


Incy Wincy Rider

Thu 20:12:43


Fakie orgasm

Thu 20:09:28



Thu 20:06:39


Water Whirled

Thu 20:01:14


"You're not wearing a helmet, but this time I'll let you slide."

Thu 20:01:07


"I'm telling you, they come down here so bloody fast it's a miracle anyone makes it to the other slide"

Thu 20:00:32


Stalked by an old flume.

Thu 20:00:21


The Chute-ist, starring Wayne.

Thu 20:00:06

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