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I call this series: Pubes I found in the bath.
I call this series: Pubes I found in the bath. photo | portfolio
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I call this series: Pubes I found in the bath.

Sat 20:43:19


"Wish she'd mauve I can't see a thing"

Sat 20:19:51


Galleries have installed wi fi that allows you to see art work on your phone as the younger generation don’t look up very often.

Sat 22:33:49


- My 5 year old could do better!!
- Well, they were done by a 3 year old

Sat 22:05:09


It was three weeks before the curators noticed that these weren't the original Leonardos.

Sat 20:11:54


"That's it, stand there Janet. Now you look like a nose with a moustache"

Sat 22:11:55


The posters are written in the jellyfish language of splurg. They say -'The Jellyfish King deems that jellyfish mind control helmets, must be worn at all times.' All hail the Jellyfish King.

Sat 21:51:06


I'm sorry Jane, your interpretation of 'rolled rug' on the left and yours on the right means you have failed your interview with Carpetright.

Sat 20:54:37


Clearly a lefty; the left-handed drawing is so much better.

Sat 20:25:25



Sat 20:22:38


If she is not a piss artists she is definitely half cut

Sat 20:22:21


"Who ever cut her hair needs an eye test"

Sat 20:12:02


In my opinion big earings look silly.

Sat 20:11:48


"If those were my paintings I wouldn’t show my face either."

Sat 20:01:23


Any crap can be considered art. Just look at that haircut.

Sun 17:55:04


A Millennials etch-a-sketch.

Sun 14:42:56


"Mum, I'll bring the mop head back once the gallery has closed."

Sat 20:41:45



Sat 20:24:59


It's not the first time that I've seen a hairy purple headed plonker make a mess.

Sat 20:08:00


The Piss Take Modern

Sat 20:03:41


Shaving Ryan's Privates?

Sat 20:03:20


Dye for your art.

Sat 20:00:38


Short back and snides

Sat 20:00:15


Short Back and Hides

Sat 20:00:07


Barber Hepworth

new entry2:27:51


Did you just assume my gender?

Sat 21:29:07


"People pay money for that?"
"Apparently she's really good, just turn the lights off."

Sat 20:57:15


I asked you to paint Tiddles not squiggles

Sat 20:46:17


Sorry but despite trying really hard my mind drew a blank. Although that's better than the shit she drew

Sat 20:41:44


Bored of the Rings

Sat 20:40:39


Rolf Harris prints moved to The Loovre.

Sat 20:35:39


Exhibition Theme: "Eyes are the windows to the soul."
On the left: Billy the Saw Puppet
In the Middle: Hide and Seek Countdown
On the Right: My contact lens has shifted.

Sat 20:32:50


Spiral Liza

Sat 20:27:02


As manageress of the gallery she gets a good salary, clothing allowance a weekly facial and a monthly coiffure, all part of her fringe benefits.

Sat 20:19:27


The artist formally known as prints.

Sat 20:16:02


If she looks at that crap for much longer, she'll dye laughing.

Sat 20:08:57


Mona lezza

Sat 20:08:25


Pudding bowl cut

Sat 20:05:53


Art exhibitionist

Sat 20:05:02


“The Government has confirmed that contact has been made with Extra-terrestrials and they’re on Earth. This is a captured CCTV image of them, as you can see, they have a grey face, swirly eyes, a hairy nose and a black moustache. The public are been warned not to approach.”

Sat 20:01:43


Fringe Art

Sat 20:00:15

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